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First off, I have to appologize for my absense lately with the blog.
Let me give you the low-down:

1. Our "fixed" countertop for the kids bath came in, and its wrong...AGAIN (this is counter-top #2 for those of you who are not aware- this time the hole is CLOSER to the centre, but still off by inches...sigh)
2. Our poor puppy Clover got quite sick and we were watching her like a hawk
3. Ive been selling a bunch of our junky old furniture on Kijiji
4. We sold the shed in our backyard- you try fitting an 8x10 shed out a tiny little side gate....
5. Our vanity for the master ensuite arrived....WRONG (doors are cream, frame is white....sigh again)
6. Ive been working on 2 (yes 2!) DIY projects, which I will feature on here next week :)
7. We are in the process of laying out the marble tile for our master bath- its like a puzzle nightmare
8. Stupid possible postal strike- We are in the process of working on our bedroom and ordering some furniture, but I need a fabric swatch to come in the mail before I order and we can move ahead with anything...

I know, excuses, excuses but I do promise 2 new projects featured next week!

What I want to feature today, are some incredible before and after photos :) I pretty sure my love for "upcycling" or creating something new from something old, came from my love of crafts as a kid.

I always loved crafts, colouring, painting you name it. I was crafty. I wasn't that "lets go play in the mud" kid, or "lets eat dirt" kid. I liked nice, clean crafts. My mom will attest to this. Not just the crafts and me getting up early in the morning to colour, but being spotless. She always said she could send me to a birthday party in a nice white dress, and Id come home without a spot on me.

Last weekend I was in the midst of working on one of my latest crafty projects, and went to hammer the paint can lid shut. As soon as I started hammering paint starting spraying everywhere. Oh heck, I thought, I still have to paint the entire piece so Im bound to get white paint on me at some point. Nope, not a spot. It was literally everywhere but on me.
I feel like the clean gods watch over me.

Those crafty finished projects will be coming soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some amazing "Before and Afters" that I got from Lindsey at Better Afters! Check out her amazing blog here. LOVE!!

Here are just a few of my fav's that she's featured. She links to all the blogs for these projects on her site too :)

Amazing transformations! I bet all these people are super crafty. They must be ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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