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Ian has owned this dresser forever. His isn't even this colour. They dont make his colour anymore (its more of a pine/honey colour).

I remember when he bought it, and I tried to convince him to buy the matching headboard and bed frame. Did not happen. Years later he wanted the headboard and bedframe and they didn't make it with wood anymore (one of those "I told you so" moments that you tell them with your eyes because you know if you say it outloud they'll get mad at you). He then had to buy pieces that were pretty close to matching the set, but are not made out of wood.

It looks fine and had worked well with our decorating for years, but we need a change.

Since we are currently in the process of re-decorating our master bedroom, we've decided that the current bedroom furniture will eventually go in our "spare" room for the time being.

I figured I could just paint the room a neutral colour and keep it boring basic, until I saw this amazing post from Centsational girl. I am totally doing this to our dresser:

You could easily paint it black with white stripes or any other colour! Totally love.

To see how she did it, click here.

Only catch is to try and find one of these dressers used. New they are $300.00. Thats a lot to spend on something you are going to re-paint anyways!

Funny enough we have this dresser too.

Its from my old bedroom set and I was planning on just getting rid of it....maybe not anymore...

To see more of this dresser transformation, click here.

We all have Ikea stuff sitting around that we grow tired of, have had since teens or that doesn't go with our "grown-up" decor anymore.

So I came across this site. Its the answer to all Ikea re-do's. Its the Hacker site. Ikea Hackers. Love it.

Just trying to think of what other Ikea pieces I own now, that I can totally flip! So fun!

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