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Hi Friends,

So lots going on lately, as you probably remember from my 'blogging note' post, however, this weekend we've been working away once again, and I managed to finish my vanity and vanity chair. I love it, and I can't wait to be able to actually use it now!

You might remember me introducing you to my $10.00 vanity that I "picked" from Kijiji last summer, here, or my antique vanity chair that I also found on Kijiji for $10.

Let me remind you of the "Before's" anyways...

Here's what I started with:

and here's how it turned out:

I sanded, painted and reupholstered it in new fabric. I actually ordered that fabric for our Master Ensuite curtains and used what I had left for the chair- worked out perfectly. The fabric I used was 'Bethe-Robins Egg' from Tonic Living and the paint colour is a light sea-foam green called 'Smokey Slate' in a satin finish by Behr . I actually didn't even need to prime the chair- I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint which has a built in primer. It worked beautifully. I honestly might have gotten away with 1 really good coat- its that thick. I did 2 coats though, and that was more than enough- the paint went on really well. 

Now, here's what the Vanity Table looked like before:

I spent some time fixing it up and painting it ("Simply White" by Benjamin Moore). I also added some new hardware to the drawer that I found at Home Sense:

and now it looks like this:

Added a few accessories for now...

I found this mirror at a second hand store for $7.00. Its super heavy and has a solid wood frame- someone had painted over the previous finish, but I think that with some paint, it will look perfect over my vanity....

I'll update you all once I've painted and refinished the mirror, but for now, I'm looking forward to having a nice spot to sit in our bedroom to get ready :)

Total cost for the make-over:
Vanity Table (Kijiji)- $10.00
New handle for drawer (Home Sense)- $11.00
Vanity Chair (Kijiji)- $10.00
Fabric for Chair (Tonic Living)- remnant from curtain fabric
Paint (Home Depot)- $10.00 (HD coupon)
Mirror (second hand store)- $7.00

Total: $48.00

Other Accessories (already owned):
Flowers (Home Sense)
Jewelry Drawer (Home Sense)
Vanity Tray (Second Hand Store- $0.99)

All I need now, is a light, a small mirror and to fix up the drawer, so I can actually put all of my make-up inside :) I'm planning on using some wallpaper that I'll have left over from our bedroom closet make-over (post coming soon!), to do the drawer (I know no-one will ever see it but me, but that's ok right?!)

So what do you think?!
What else would you make sure to have on your vanity table?

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  1. Gorgeous! And SUPER cute watch!

  2. ha ha! I KNEW you would comment on the watch!! lol! :) thanks hun!

  3. That is stunning! Love it to the moon and back. You've done an outstanding job! :)

  4. Wow!! Love the finished look. The accessories and finishing touches are perfect especially the watch LOL!

  5. Love the pale blue colour you used. I saw this post and had to comment...your chair reminds me of the one I re-did last summer (we must have bought chairs from sisters or something, as I've rarely found "8" back-shaped chairs in my travels)


    You did a fab job...keep up the lovely work!

  6. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyJanuary 17, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    thanks so much ladies!! Simply beautiful- going to check out your transformation now! :) Thanks for reading!!

  7. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyJanuary 22, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    thanks so much Jenny!! :)

  8. This looks fabulous - great job! The chair fits under there just perfectly. I love the fabric you chose as well.

  9. Love, love, LOVE your entire area! {Sigh...} Just fabulous. I feel the need to Follow you now. :)

  10. I painted my bed "smokey slate", it's a gorgeous color! This whole set makes me want to have my own "girl corner" in my house- and for $48! Great Job! Love it!

  11. Wow, this is so very gorgeous! I am in love! Great job!

  12. I love your style, great website

  13. Beeeeeeeeeautiful!!! LOVE the shape of the chair and the way you put it all together is fabulous! Would really love for you to share this with my readers over on Kammy's Korner for Trash 2 Treasure Tuesdays: http://kammyskorner.blogspot.com/2012/02/trash-2-treasure-tuesday-19-plus.html

  14. Thanks so much everyone! I will definitely link up next Tuesday!!! :)

  15. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button :)

  16. Such a lovely little redo! I just read your fake flower tutorial. Great idea!

  17. Sooooo pretty! It looks so fresh and very Swedish! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. This is such a lovely transformation. So pretty! I love your blog and now am following. I am featuring your transformation tomorrow( Sunday) on my weekly wow's.

  19. Great job! It looks amazing. So bright and fresh! Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. This is so pretty--I'm enthused to have found your blog---can't wait to look around more! :)

  21. Gorgeous!
    I would love if you stopped by my Creative inspirations Linky Party happening now to link this up! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  22. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyApril 27, 2012 at 10:49 AM

    Thanks ladies!
    Stacey, I've linked up! Have a great weekend :)


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