This is the best thing ever.

Thank you to Lindsey over at Better After for posting about this incredible website!

So for anyone who owns a home, you know there are a million things that come up on a daily basis that you might not always have the answers too.

Right now we are in the process of working on our backyard and we just removed this cute shed:

I know, why would we remove it?! Well from what you can't see, there is actually a pool to the left of the shed and a pool shed behind that. We dont really need 2 sheds, and to be honest, we wanted the grass space (more area for our dog to run, kids to play, etc).

So...after removing the shed we are left with a gigantic space that we need to fill with grass, a garden and a most importantly, a tree to block the neighbours view of our backyard.

Yes, I could plant a maple. Everyone tells us to plant a maple. BUT before we make a decision on that, I wanted to see what else was out there, that we could plant. I wanted more suggestions.

Here is the answer to my dillema: Hometalk. Its a great site that allows you to post questions about home improvement and get answers from professionals!

Straight from their site, "Hometalk is a community of regular folks and home improvement pros who love to talk  about home improvement. The site exists for one simple reason: to make home improvement easier and better for you.  Whether you are a homeowner, a renter or a contractor, you need a place to talk about  your home improvement projects. We’ve created a network where you can get all the information you need to do a home project right, down to the nitty gritties."
  • Get (almost) instant answers to questions about your home & garden.
  • Search photos and tips for inspiration and information.
  • Post photos and grow a fan base for your very own house.
  • Once and for all, get real & reliable reviews of local contractors.
  • See tips from local businesses.
So go and check them out! Im anxiously awaiting an answer to my tree question-lol!

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