Blue Mason Jars- DIY!

I did it! I dyed them blue! Im so happy with how they turned out.

The only thing, is that I was so excited about them that I gave them away with flowers as a gift to a good friend yesterday before even taking any pictures of them! oops!

I'll be dying more of them (I only did 2, to start), so I'll be sure to take pics of those and post them.

So here is how I did it (thanks to Lauren at Our Hiding Place for some guidance with this!)

Here is what you need to start:

Vitrea 160 in Turquoise
Vitrea 160 Paint Thinner

(purchased both of them at Michaels)
Brush or Rag
Container or bowl to mix solution
Measuring spoon
Paper plates to put jars on to rest

Step 1: Mix the paint and thinner. It should be a ratio of about 25/75 (25% paint, 75% thinner). You can do this with a spoon (1 spoonful of paint, 2 of thinner, but I just guessed and dropped some of each in the container. The purpose for the thinner is so that the paint colour isn't as dark, so the less thinner you put in, the darker your jars will look.

Step 2: Set up your jars on the paper plates and begin the paint. You can dip your rag into the paint and start wiping the outside of the jars (dont worry about the insides). The first jar I did, I used a foam paint brush and ended up getting lots of bubbles on the jars, so I would recommend using a rag. If you have a few steaks of paint, dont worry too much, since they will disappear later.

Step 3: Leave them to dry for 24 hours, upside down.

Step 4: After 24 hours has passed, bake your jars for 30-40 minutes in an oven set to 325-350 degrees fahrenheit. The purpose for this, is that you can now put your jars in the dishwasher if you ever need to, and the paint will stay on. I was honestly a little worried about this step. I had visions of my jars exploding in the oven, but they were totally fine!

Step 5: Let your jars cool, and use them for whatever you want!

I'll post pics of the process later today, and work on doing up some more jars so you can see how they actually turn out!

Hope that helps a bit, but I definitely loved how they look and this is a super easy and simple project to do!

Total cost: $7.50 (for approx 15-20 jars)

Jars- $1.50 for 8 jars
Paint- $6.00 for both bottles at Michaels (use a 40% off coupon from flyerland.ca)

Thats it! I could probably dye about 15-20 jars with the amount of paint in the bottles, so it will last you a while!

Goodluck with your jars!

Source: image via Google Images


  1. LOVE IT!
    Will do for sure!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where did you purchase your jars? I have been having a hard time finding reasonable priced mason jars!
    Christina P (NS)

    1. Hi Christina! I actually found them at second hand stores for about $.50.
      They sell them at Walmart and the dollar store too, although they're new so you wont have as much of a vintage feel, but they would look them same dyed I bet!

  3. HI Melissa, thank you for this lovely post, and thank you for letting me use this fab picture!!
    It's live on the post: http://www.crystelleboutique.com/1/post/2014/02/ten-gifts-you-can-make-with-mason-jars.html

    Have a terrific week! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. hi!
    great diy, too excited to try this! just wondering if using this method to dye the jars would render them useless to hold body products such as homemade body lotion, face scrubs, etc. I'm planning on gifting them as bridal shower favors with homemade face scrubs in them.
    Thanks in advance!


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