Vintage Windows

Recently I brought home a new treasure- 2 vintage windows that I found from a older woman who salvaged them. I love that the paint is chipping, the frames are thick old wood, and that the hardware is steel.

This is sort of what they look like:

I have a few ideas of what I want to do with them, but would love some other ideas. I dont want a look thats too "country", but think they could add a great deal of character to a room.

I already have an idea for the small one, but am not too sure about the big one.
I thought about putting it on the wall above a console table, but im not too sure, or even in a bathroom.....what are your thoughts?

Here are some ideas I've found:

What would you do with a vintage window!?!


  1. I have one in my bathroom and I added a vinyl decal of a chandy to it. Love <3

  2. awesome idea Megan!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I made a headboard from one of my 8-pane windows. I painted it a chocolate brown and put coordinating scrapbook paper over the panes.

    Another one I have hanging with a wreath on it.


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