Urban Barn Steal

We love Urban Barn. If I could go into their store and buy every single thing they have, my home would be a dream. But for now, we are saving up for 2 pieces (1 for our bedroom and 1 for the family room) that we absolutely love.

Since I stalk their website constantly for deals, I signed up for their newsletter and recently got this email:

So we had to go.

We both managed to get a few hours off work, and rushed down there this morning, praying they had the items from our wishlist.

We got there...10 minutes before they opened. First people there. YES! Within those 10 minutes about 15 other people showed up. Darn. Game face on, I was prepared to run in there, find my beloved piece of furniture and sit on it until someone came over to help me.

The opened the doors, we all rushed in. I ran to the right, Ian to the left (we had a plan). We met in the middle at the back of the store. Nothing. Mind you, they had lots of great deals, just not what we were looking for. Bust.

However, on our way out of the store, a mirror stopped me, I started checking it over for damage, and it had 2 TINY little nicks in the inside of it. At this point I noticed 2 other couples watching Ian and I inspect the mirror. No way people...this is our mirror!

So we got it. It's the "Facet Beveled Mirror" priced at $250.00. We got it for $60.00 :)

Its going to go in the "kids bath" we are almost finished. FINALLY.
Be prepared for a LOOOONG post on that bathroom once its done. Its the bathroom reno that never ends....

Anyho, so if any of you are looking for some great deals, go check out the Urban Barn Warehouse Sale!

Here are a few other pieces I noticed in there while I was looking around:

Fiori Barstoll- Reg. $179.00 on sale for $69.00 each 
(saw 4 of them there)

Reflection Dressser Reg. $799.00 on sale for $179.00 (I think...)

Reflection Console Table: Reg. $469.00 on sale for $99.00

Irish Coast Regtangular Dining Table: Regular $749.00 On sale for $199.00. This table is absolutely gorgeous in person. Its got that unique reclaimed wood look to it. I would have bought it if we needed a table!

There was a lot more, beds, couches, etc, but we didn't have time to browse for long (had to get back to work!).

Other things to note about these kind of sales:
1. They only have 1 or very few of everything (our mirror was the only one there), and for the pieces I listed above, there was only 1 of each (except the bar stools).
2. You need to get there early! Things will go...FAST
3. Most pieces have a bit of damage or an imperfection. The damage to our mirror was so minor you could barely see it, and that was the case for most of what was in there. MOST. There were were a few things that weren't the greatest. e.g. that Reflection Console Table (that I would have bought in 2 seconds) if the one leg wasn't falling off....eeee.

So there you have it!

Definitely a good sale to check out :)


  1. oooo, I love me a good sale and Urban Barn! I have a similar mirror from there above my vanity. Almost identical, but yours seems to have a few extra bevels. Great finds!

  2. thanks Christine!! I can't wait to see how it looks when I put it up :)


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