Blue Mason Jars

Ive seen Mason Jars being used everywhere.

I think the most vivid memories I have of them, come from when I was young looking in our pantry. My Oma used to preserve fruit all the time, and she would always give us the best peaches and pears in Mason Jars.

So I went to find some.....for cheap.
I bought 5 vintage jars for $1.00 at a local thrift shop. The dates on the bottom were 1939, 1948 and 1956. Pretty cool I thought!

I also bought 2 newer jars that I wanted to use to play around with. Im going to attempt to dye them blue. I absolutely LOVE the colour that they turn when you dye them (my fav!!).

There were actually a lot of mason jars dyed blue in the past. The reason jars were coloured, was because colored jars were considered better for canning use. It was thought that the colour would block some light from reaching the food, which helped to retain flavor and nutritional value longer.

I'll post about my dyed blue jars, once I figure out how to do it :)
My plan for the 3 jars Im not going to dye, is to use them in our kitchen eventually...maybe to house sugar, flour, etc.

For now, here are some cool ideas of what you can do with them. P.S .If I was getting married soon, I would have DEFINTELY used these as a cool centerpiece for an outdoor vintage inspired or rustic wedding...gorgeous!

Source: all images via Google Images

What else would you use these for in decor?!


  1. totally let me know if the dyeing works. Id love to try it!! id love to do a evening photoshoot with a couple surrounded with lit mason jars in a field!! Wanna be the model?

  2. ummmm YES!!! lol!! Of course, I would LOVE to do that Chris!! Let me know :) I can find more mason jars for it too...lol!!

  3. Omg, I cannot wait till you get these dyed! I would totally use blue-dyed jars in my kitchen too. Didn't even know it was possible to dye them!

  4. Melissa! I did a post on how to dye them blue...


    Enjoy! :)


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