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Our names are Melissa and Ian. We live in Canada with our large goofy, loveable goldendoodle named Clover.
This is our blog.
I love animals, fashion, family, exercising, interior design, searching for “great finds”, photography, dill pickles, Diet Coke, and spending time outside in the warm weather.
Last November we took on our biggest challenge yet (other than our 80 pound dog that is!) to find a home with great “bones”, great land space and a space for us to make it our own. We have been putting our heart and soul (not to mention time, energy, money, etc) into making this house our home and we love every minute of it.
This blog gives us the chance to share (and give back) to all the inspiration that has helped us over the years.  Shout out to all our “behind the scenes” inspiration peeps, advice givers, etc, whom most of these projects would not be possible without :)
We hope you enjoy reading about our crazy adventure we like to call Living Beautifully...One DIY Step At A Time.
Love, Ian, Melissa and Clover

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