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I wanted to post about an amazing website to find fabulous fabrics. Living in a "small" town, the only real places to find a decent fabric selection is at the fabric land store, that has looked the same for the past 30 years.
Although, they do have some modern fabrics (if you are prepared for a search and find mission) the selection isn't that great. Therefore, I am on the hunt for a "modern" fabric store.

I am in the process of recovering some seat cushions and am looking for some cool fabrics that can help to bring these chairs back to life.

Here is a picture of the chairs before:

We have painted them white and just need to find some fabric for the chairs.

My wonderful mom and I recently took a trip to Hamilton where there are a variety of fabric stores (about 10 stores in one block), but again no luck.

Not sure where else to look (other than driving down to Toronto) I was informed of a great fabric source through reading my inspiration blogs. Rambling Renovators recommended to check out Tonic Living for some funky fabrics...so I did and LOVE them!

I found some great fabrics for the seats, but just can't decide on one! Ive mailed away for 10 different fabric samples and have narrowed it down to 2:

I think I prefer the first sample, as the pattern is a bit larger and has more grey to it. Since the chairs are getting painted white, I think the second fabric might be a bit too white. I ordered the first fabric and its going to cost me less than $80.00 to cover all 6 chairs :)

Plus, I noticed on the Crate and Barrel site (thanks to "Home Decor Bugetista") that they are selling the "Chloe" chair covered with this exact fabric for $1000.00, and I think it looks pretty fabulous:

Tonic Living has some amazing fabrics available, AND they do custom orders as well!
Check them out :)

(AND stay tuned for the progress on the chairs!)


  1. So glad I read this post!! I'm also living in a small town in Canada, with the closest Fabricland (and also the ONLY fabric store within two hours drive) 45 minutes away. Virtually impossible to find contemporary fabric. I'll definitely be checking this website out!! :)

  2. Evie, they are amazing!! I only buy fabric from them now :) One weekend my mom and I searched every fabric land near us, and went into about 20 fabric stores in Hamilton (a hour away from us) and found NOTHING! Tonic has been my lifesaver! Love them! I know Toronto has an awesome selection, but again I dont want to have to drive there either. Tonic is great and sends great samples and they are reasonable too :)

  3. p.s THANK YOU so much for listing me in your blog roll! I am SO flattered!! :)
    Definitely going to be following you too :)


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