Wallpaper- its back!

I recently took on the challenge of wallpapering a wall in our dining room with my mom. I couldn't have done it without her and it was a very long, but successful day :)

We had fun doing it too...didn't we mom!? :)

The wallpaper we chose for our dining room has a funky/modern print (it looks much more tan/taupe in this picture than it is- its actually very silvery) :

We were pretty much committed to doing the paper after we chose the paint colour to match the paper, painted the entire dining and living room a second (yes second) time to match it. Unfortuantely we were then told that our order couldn't be fulfilled, since that paper had been discontinued. We were determined not to have to re-paint those rooms a third time, so I searched high and low for that paper and finally found it! Phew! So papering was GOING to happen!

But after doing one wall, we realised one wall was enough! I think thats the thing with wallpaper, people have realised it works in home decor, but only in small doces (and plese dont wallpaper everything in site, including the kleenex box!)

I was inspired by a variety of images before I decided to wallpaper, including the Sarah Richardson designs below:

Wallpapering comes in so many unique papers and styles now:

This paper even has rhinestones on it....

But you might have to search a bit to find some modern styles that don't break the bank.

A friend suggested Farrow and Ball to me and their papers are gorgeous:

So if you are thinking of papering, remember the golden rules:
- small areas only
- modern prints
- keep within a colour scheme

Happy papering!

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