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I had wanted to do a gallery wall for a while, and the office seemed like the perfect room to put it in. It might have also been partly because of the fact that the office is the only room we have almost completed so far ;)

Let me tell you, doing a gallery wall is not as easy as it seems. It pretty much took us an entire day to do it.

Here is how we did our gallery wall (step by step)- thanks for the tips Young House Love!:

Step 1: Lay out your frames the way you want them to appear on the wall. I used a white sheet to help me get a better idea of how they would look.

Step 2: Take paper (or old newspaper) and cut pieces exactly the same size as your photos and lay them out in the same pattern. This will be helpful, since you can tape these directly to the wall.

Step 3: Go back to your frame layout (picture #1) and measure the width and length of how big your square will be. Now, Ive seen many gallery walls that are not done in a square, but it makes your life a lot easier if you do (for measuring purposes). My square measured 50" long, by 43.5" wide (or tall).

Step 4: Then we measured the middle of the wall, made a few pencil marks and taped out the square with painters tape on the wall.

Step 5: Once my square was taped out on the wall, I started to tape the newspaper frames into the square:

Step 6: Once each newspaper frame, has been taped to the wall, you can measure and mark on the newspaper where you are going to drill the holes for hanging:

Step 7: Then drill the holes, or get your WONDERFUL husband to drill the holes for you ;)

Step 8: Remove newspaper and add wall hanging hardware, and you are ready to hang your frames!

Step 9: Remove all newspaper from the wall and start putting up your frames!

Here is our wall, almost finished:

The reason why ours took so long as well, had to do with the fact that I hadn't printed any of my photos yet. So I still had to find and print all the photos for each frame.

And here is our finished gallery wall:

We're pretty happy with how it turned out (although Ive already changed a bunch of the pictures in the frames ;)

Oh, and here's a picture of our filing cabinet I mentioned we were getting in a previous post!

A great and interesting way to decorate a wall!

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  1. over here from Decor Chic- love your little wall gallery. I did one last week but have to admit I was not as precise as you guys where. I just randomly hung them praying it would look good. LOL

  2. Wow. That project is so amazing. I love the way you did the step-by-step photos. Now I think maybe I could do it without my walls looking like Swiss cheese. Thanks. Lola @ Buddhatropolis.com


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