Chair Reveal

A while back, I posted about picking fabric for the chairs that we found on Kijiji. So here is the final reveal! The hardest part about doing these chairs, was honestly sourcing out the fabric. Previously I mentioned finding some amazing fabrics on Tonic Living and I love what they carry. Make sure to check out their site! Once I found the fabric the rest was easy.

First let me remind you of how the chairs looked before:

We took the seats off, and the topic layer of plaid fabric to reveal this:

Then I began to measure and staple the new fabric on:

All the chair frames were painted white:

And then the finished seat cushions were added! Voila!

Upcycled dining chairs complete!


  1. I have these exact chairs and was looking for an idea on refurbishing them. Love the white! Great job...did you paint them with a sprayer or brush?

  2. Hi Amy!
    Thanks so much! I actually had them sprayed since I wanted to make sure they didn't have drip marks or paint lines, and they turned out really well! Since they were going in our dining room too, I wanted to make sure the finish on them was clean looking :)

  3. My husband's parents just gave us a table with these exact same chairs. I told him they would look great in white and this proves it! I absolutely love how they turned out and great fabric choice!


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