Ikea Glam Monogram

In honour of the Royal Wedding coming up this week (between Prince William and Kate Middleton) I wanted to post about someting 'regal'....or at least somewhat 'royal' in terms of decor...lol. What came to mind? Monograms!

Last night I was watching an episode of CityLine that I PVR's and I thought they had a neat segement on how to take something old (or inexpensive) and make it personalized.

I had seen this desk at Ikea before:

wasn't crazy about it. It was nice, but nothing special I thought.

Now, see what designer Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault did to transform this desk to make it unique:

All she used was a can of paint, changed the hardware and added a monogram. As well, some neat accessories and a very interesting chair.  See how she did it here.

Although, I dont tend to be someone who has done a lot of monogramming (is that a word? lol!), it seems to be popping up everywhere:

OR, if you'd rather not monogram, you could add a few letters elsewhere ;)

Even Sarah Richardson's jumped on this bandwagon:

I think it looks so cute in a kids room to feature a wall with a monogram of some sort.
My wonderful friend Shawna's mom is an incredible artist and painted this monogram for Shawna when she had her beautiful baby girl. Its perfect! Im sure Peyton loves it ;)

Here are some other adorable baby/kid room ideas (a few of which I may be keeping in mind for the future!)

Monogramed change table:

Now....to think of something to monogram ;)


  1. Thanks for posting Peyton's room!! Just LOVE monograms...especially in a nursery! xoxo

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks a million for posting my CityLine project...so glad you liked it! LOVE your blog!!!

    Happy Painting & Decorating,


  3. Thank you SO much Leigh-Ann!
    I am so flattered that you checked out my blog!!! I love City Line- I watch and PVR it every day, and look forward to Thursday's shows so much! So many projects that have been featured have inspired me :) I love what you feature too- so fun and modern! Thank you again for reading :)


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