Bathroom Reno's....correction- DEMO'S!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we are getting ready to renovate our first bathroom or the "kids bathroom" as we like to call it (I know, we dont have kids, but ONE DAY they will be using it-lol!).

Here are some pics of the demo process.
Ian will probably say I doubted him and his abilities to do the demo (and I must say I MIGHT have questioned his abilities...a little) but he did a great job, and I even helped carry the tub down the stairs! Thank you pump classes at the gym! lol...

The actual renovation started today, so it wont be long before I'll be posting the "after" pictures.

Let me remind you of what the bathroom looked like before:

And now for the demo pics:

Toilet gone:

walls around shower getting taken down:

vanity gone:

tub fill of wall reminants, but soon to be removed:

Ian doing an awesome job, and pretty proud of his accomplishments! :)

Everything removed (walls, tub, etc):

Demo complete!
Stay tuned for some more updates on how the progress is coming along....all I can say right now, is that the sub floor is down, tub is in, and its coming along very nicely ;)

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