Turquoise Love :)

My blog sprung for a make-over.

Im not exactly that "tech savy" so I dont really have much to play around with on my blog, other than what blogger suggests to me....playing with HTML code is not exactly in my area of expertise.
I was looking at my blog the other day, thinking the colours looked sad. Its summer, and it needed a bright fresh look. Plus I love turquoise.
Its my favorite colour and its become the inspiration for some of the rooms in our house right now.

So some pictures may be popping up lately with a LOT of turquoise....its been a bit of inspiration for me, and a colour that makes me think of things I love: beach, cottages, calming, soothing, spa, water....its a perfect colour for a home.

Ive begun to discover that through my design efforts with our home, there are some distinct styles that I love. One of my favorites is that "cottage/vintage" look. Its probably because its poping up everywhere right now, but I just dont think I would ever get tired of it. As well, that "cottage/vintage" look tends to incorporate a lot of turquoise colours in its design. This style really makes a house feel like a home.
I have such fond memories of going to cottages as a kid and doing "cottage things", and its something I can't wait to do with my own kids one day :)

In looking for more design inspiration that combines my love for turquoise, vintage and that cottagey feel, I discoverd the jackpot.

One of my favorite blogs "House of Turquoise" has recently been posting my future home. Its a perfect combination of vintage, cottage, turquoise, classic and homey. Seriously, when I win the lottery this will be my next home. It is absolutely perfect. There isn't one thing I dont like about it. I saw the photos and thought, "that is what heaven must look like". If I could design a home this would be exactly it. Perfection.

Here's a peak:

I KNOW. Perfect.

Check out the rest of the home here:

I just want to thank Crisit and Jeff (homeowners) for sharing this with the world. Your home truly is my ultimate inspiration! THANK YOU!!

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