Coffee Break

Ive been a terrible blogger. I wont bore you with my millions of excuses (one of them being the FABULOUS wedding I was just at in Kentucky last weekend!), but that is a pretty good excuse I think?

Anyho, our major focus lately has been on tiling to master ensuite bathroom, but I'm forcing myself to hold off posting pics of that, until its fully complete.

So in the mean-time, here is our new family room coffee table!

We'd been saving up for this table for a while now, and it FINALLY went on sale at Urban Barn. I actually never thought it would, but Ian was browsing the website one day, and saw that it was on sale! Yippee!

We loved it from the first time we saw it. Its a great size, allows for storage below, and we loved the rustic/handmade look of it.

So its going in our family room. The style for this room, is going to have a bit of a warm, earthy feel.  Think cream, taupe, reclaimed wood, greens, relaxed, etc.

For those of you who know me, your probably thinking, "really? that doesn't really sound like a melissa room..." and to be honest, its probably not my most favorite of colours, but we've compromised by making sure we use creams/whites and taupes admist the wood pieces Ian loves so much. Plus, the living and dining rooms have more of a "glam" feel, so there had to be some give and take somewhere!

I actually love the idea of incorporating woods and natural elements into every room, so this room will just have more of that!

The coffee table is just the start...I have an inspiration photo, which I'll attach soon...to give you a better of idea of what we are thinking :)

For now, check out the Urban Barn sale...some pretty great stuff on sale right now!!

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