Guest Post - Shannon from Burlap and Lace!

Thanks so much to Shannon for guest blogging today! Shes done some amazing projects and we definitely are destined to be blogging friends :) Someday soon we have to get together and enjoy a nice day of shopping and a diet coke ;)
So check out Shannons awesome post below and the incredible projects she's done! Definitely inspirational :)

Hi there!

I'm Shannon from Burlap & Lace.
I want to thank Melissa for allowing me to guest post on her FAB blog today! Although we have never met in person, it seems like the stars have aligned for Melissa and I to be blogging friends. Her style and mine are so similar (and we're both totally blonde) that I think she might  be my long-lost Canadian sister. 

It could happen, right?

I tried to decide what I was going to post about today, and I had a hard time, I'm not gonna lie. So, instead of choosing one project, I decided to highlight a few of my favorite DIY projects to date!

 The first project I wanted to share with you today is my all time FAVORITE: My Dining Room Makeover. My husband purchased this table and chairs from an auction for $25. It was a little orange-y for my tastes, and the plaid seat cushions were straight out of little house on the prairie.

I sanded/ stripped the top, stained it dark, painted the legs and chairs, and recovered the seats with drop cloth fabric! What a difference a little paint and elbow grease makes! (Don't mind the cat, she's trying desperately to be famous, so she jumps in every picture that I take).

It really helped my dark dining room turn from this:

To this!

I also organized my pantry from this MESS:

To an organized and cute little place!

...to give it a nice, clean, beachy look!

I also share the crazy, long-winded, slow process of updating my kitchen, one phase at a time.

So please, come try and make sense of my mess ramblings that are my blog. I love followers, and I'm on Twitter and Facebook!

And thank you so much to Melissa for allowing me to visit today!


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  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I believe we have vary similar taste - based on all the blue and your blog font haha. I write a fashion blog and I use the same font! Here's the link: http://www.colormebluefashion.com


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