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As you know, we are in the midst of decorating a few different rooms in our home, I have different ideas for each one and sometime find it hard to decide between decor choices.

Our living room is one of those rooms that we haven't focused on much, since we aren't sure how much we will use it. We have ideas for what we want to do in there, but obviously money is a factor and we can't do everything at once.

About a while back, a friend told me about a community garage sale in a local small town, where they were selling antique items, including factory carts.

One of the sellers had some of his items posted on Kijiji, which included a picture of a factory cart. When I showed the picture to Ian he LOVED it. "We have to get one of those carts", he insisted, but we had no idea where to put it. So we left it.

Fast forward a few months and I see this picture in a Style at Home magazine:

I knew exactly what to do with a cart...the Living Room! (plus I LOVED this room and figured it was close to the look we were going for). We figured it would be a great place to put the cart, since kids wont be there (or the dog) and it adds some character to the room.

So we went back on the hunt for a cart. I'd seen them on decorating shows on tv, but knew that they were pretty expensive (especially if you want an authentic one). I thought about making one....but figured it might look more like a random pile of wood....
So I looked on Kijiji and there it was. Our perfect factory cart.
The best thing about it, is that it has the original "Hudson's Bay Company" logo stamp on the side, and everything about it is original (but still in amazing condition).

Immediately, I emailed the link to Ian and his response was "have you contacted them yet? we HAVE to get this."
I have to tell you, we fought for this cart.

He wasn't asking much for it at all (a few hundred dollars)...actually a lot less than it's worth I believe and we contacted the seller right away. Unfortunately, there was someone else already coming for it. We offered full price, thinking that might persuade him, but he was an honest guy, and said he wanted be fair, and see if the first person would come for it. He told us he would let us know by the end of the weekend if it sold or not.

So we waited patiently and finally heard from the seller- the other buyer hadn't come and it was ours. YES!!!! And, it's much more beautiful in person than in the pictures. We now have a beautiful piece of Canadian history in our living room :) The room isn't finished yet, but I am so excited to put everything together eventually and have this gorgeous piece as our coffee table in there.

Here is our beautiful cart (these are the sellers Kijiji pictures, but I will add our own pics when the room is finished):

I looked around to find some comparables, and found this one at Restoration Hardware...for $1100.00:

I think we did ok on this one ;)

What have you done or would you do with a factory cart?!


  1. SWEET!

    And it has good-sized WIDE BOARDS too! Always a sign of "age".

  2. I know! I was so excited about the size of the boards- nice and wide!

  3. Ummm...two words. SO JEALOUS!!! You're convincing me to start looking at Kijiji much more diligently!

  4. THAT'S AMAZING!!!! I can't believe it has the Hudson Bay Company logo still on it - definitely an awesome piece of canadiana - well done!

  5. Love it Mel!!! Can;t wait to see the whole room put together!!

  6. You got a sweet deal... the ones I see at the antique shows are in the $500-600 range. Love that HBC stamp too! So unique.

  7. thanks Evie! I search daily so that helps, but we still had to fight for this one! lol!

    HA Anne! I totally said to Ian, "you know who would probably love this? Anne and Rich" lol!! Next time you guys are over you can see it :)

    Thanks ladies! I figured it would probably only be worth more as time goes on, so I just couldn't pass it up! Ian is dying to finish the room now-lol!


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