Thank you and Reclaimed Fence Wood

Happy Monday everyone, and a Happy 4th of July to all of my readers in the US!

I hope everyone is having (or had) a great long weekend and got a chance to relax and enjoy the amazing weather we had here!

We got up to a few projects this weekend, but before I blog about that, I just wanted to send TWO huge Thank You, to some of my fellow bloggers!

The first is pretty much a mentor/inspiration of mine that recently mentioned me on her blog.

Jennifer, from Rambling Renovators:

was the FIRST Canadian blogger that I started following, and was a true inspiration to me in getting my blog up and running. She is incredibly creative and somehow manages to do it all, even with an adorable little one running around! Thanks for keeping me on your radar Jennifer and you will always be an inspiration to me!

Make sure to check out Jennifer's blog and see some of the amazing projects (including the Panelled Wall, I absolutely LOVE!) she's done!

As well, a huge THANK YOU to Chris over at "Just a Girl".

Love her blog!! She features so many awesome projects and ideas and shes definitely on my blog roll daily views! Thanks so much for featuring me Chris!! :)

So last weekend, we were in the midst of dealing with a few issues with the bathroom reno's while still trying to relax and work on other things around the house, all while entertaining for friends and family. To say the least, Im exhausted!

Yesterday, Ian decided to start fixing the fence door that desperately need to be re-done. The previously owners had created a huge fence door- around 70 inches wide (HUGE) that was hanging by 2 brackets on 1 small piece of wood. Literally, the first time we opened it, it broke right off the wood.

So Ian went straight to work, taking off the old door and building 2 new doors to replace it. That will help to balance the weight properly, but give us the same large opening into the backyard.

So far, the first door has been hung and completed and he is just about to finish the 2nd door (post about this to come soon!)
However, as the original door was being taken down, I asked what the plan was for that door. I got a response with the words, "garbage, who cares, dont need it" somewhere in there.
AHHHHH!! No! I want that wood, I insisted. The wood from the old fence door, has a great worn look to it. I neeeeed to do something creative with it.

So, Im open to suggestions, but here are a few ideas of what I might do with that wood:

DIY Factory Cart, from "Addicted to Decorating":

a neat storage idea from Kate at "Centsational Girl":

or try something a little more gutsy (although I would need a lot more than some fence boards for this!):

We'll see...maybe after I look at the wood more closely a decision will be made for me :)

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. I love all three, but if yo have a place for it the factory card would be stellar. I guess it all comes down to where you will put it. Unless, of course, you will sell it, then I can't help because I like them all.

  2. I'm so inspired from your blog. I'm definitely a new follower! All three pieces are great ideas! I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

    ♥ monica - dunhillexchange.blogspot.com


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