Going to garage sales, thrift stores, etc has been something Ive enjoyed doing ever since I was little. I'll never forget the year we had a "sidewalk giveway" in our neighbourhood. I must have been about 7 or 8, and I went around the houses looking at what people threw away. It was actually decent items (garage sale items) that people would just put curbside, for others to take (I think my parents thought I was nuts).

I scored an old cassette tape box and a money box.

Years later when I was obsessed with the Babysitters Club book series (and had become quite a business woman with my business card and babysitting business!) and I felt I needed a briefcase to carry my supplies (i.e barbies, toys, etc) for my jobs. I took the old casette tape box and turned it into my own personal "kid kit" (a la babysitters club). I painted it, ripped out the insides and was able to carry kid friendly items with me from job to job.
It was a hit. That thing helped score me more jobs that I could handle.

The money box was another story. I didn't initially realise there was anything in the box, however, someone had actually thrown out change with the box...and that included a few silver dollars and some other collectable coins. Score!

Those memories along with all the garage sales and second hand we went to, showed me that you can get (or make) someones junk into your treasure.

A few people have been asking me recently, what I buy on Kijiji/thrift stores, and what exactly am I using it for.

Im going to give you a sneak peak at some of the treasures Ive found and some of the inspirational ideas I have for them:

Gorgeous vintage cedar shutters (Kijiji):


Old Vintage Suitcases (scored online and at Homesense-on clearance!):


Mason Jars (thift stores):


Google Images

Vintage Factory Cart (off Kijiji):


So now you know a bit of what Ive been up to. A have a variety of other projects Im also working on (chairs, mirrors, etc), never-ending bathroom renos, but this is just a peak!

There's inspiration everywhere. Its just knowing how to look at the potential in things :)


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