Powder Room Makeover

First of all, we want to thank all of you for the lovely response we received to our last post. We truly, truly appreciate all of your support and can't wait to share so many of these projects we've been working on for the past while, with all of you. So thank you all, xo.

Something else we've been up to (along with all of the other projects going on) is to finally paint and renovate our main floor powder room.

The current state of this bathroom is not the greatest. I mean, it functions fine, but the toilet is old, the sink is starting to slightly rust and Im not even going to address the colours, since once you see it you'll know its not our style:

Plus we sold the toilet paper holder and towel bar on Kijiji over 2 years ago and haven't installed a replacement, so its not that convenient for our lovely guests that come over :)

It's definitely one of those rooms that we've been itching to make over since we moved into this house. Its another project we plan to finish before the baby arrives and since its such a small room, and we already have a few of the things we need, we figured we could fit it into the budget.

Ian challenged me to design the room on a budget of $1000.00 or less, and I'm determined to do it.

My inspiration for the power room is this room I found on Pinterest:

We love the colours, the feel and it will go nicely with the hallway and the other colours in our home.

Although I'd love to do something with fancy tile and all kids of other things, its not in the budget and I need to find a way to make the room interesting without spending a lot. I think installing a chair rail will definitely help with that!

I created a quick inspiration board to lay out all of our ideas:

As you can see, we're still unsure of lighting options (I've posted 2 options), however most likely we will need to go with the long pendant since there isn't room on either side of the mirror for sconces...boo. We do have that long crystal light installed in our small upstairs bath though, and we love it, so it should do the trick.

There aren't really that many things we need for the space. We already have the new toilet, mirror and paint, so the vanity, lighting, fixtures and accessories are all we need.

For the paint we've chosen "Antique Sterling" by ICI/Duluxe paints (its just a bit darker than what we have in the hallway) so we know it will match well.

So on with another project...aiming to have this one done in the next few months, so we'll be updating you on the progress as we go :)

Melissa and Ian

p.s for those of you wondering about the stairs...they are still a work in progress! Hopefully I'll be able to update you all soon with a pic :)


  1. I loooooove that bathroom! I've had it pinned for a while too! Can't wait to see your take on it! :) P.S. crazy how real the nesting is, right?!

  2. Ha so true! How's the nursery coming along!?
    We're excited to start this bathroom...but with so many projects on the go we know we need to pace ourselves, but we just can't-lol!


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