Nursery Design- The Crib

This post will be our first in a series about designing our nursery :)

We were pretty thrilled to be able to start this process, as its taken us a very long time to get here.

Designing the nursery was actually something that we started a very long time ago. We've had countless images, inspiration, colours and ideas set aside for years, so this has definitely been a room that has been well thought-out!

There has been one nursery in particular that has hugely inspired us and we have built many of our ideas upon that. Having a great deal of time to think about how we wanted to design the nursery also gave us a lot of time to search for deals and source items for the lowest price we could find. Trust me, this has not always been easy! We are looking forward to sharing those deals with you, and hopefully helping out some of you who are planning on designing your own nursery soon :)

The item we wanted to start with first was the crib. The crib not only plays a large functional role in the nursery, but is also one of the major focal pieces in the room.

We had definite ideas of what we wanted the crib to look like, depending on the gender of the baby. Now I know many people would say, "why did the gender affect your crib choice?", but honestly Ian and I could not agree on the same crib for a girl or boy, so our compromise was to pick a specific crib for each gender. We could both agree on a more modern look for a boy and a more traditional look for a girl, so that helped to narrow it down for us. So, since we're having a boy, the modern crib it is! (annnd, if we ever do have a girl, we'll probably swap out this crib for a more traditional style).

Finding the right modern crib (that fit our budget) was a bit of a challenge!

Our first choice was the Moda Crib from Room & Board. Beautiful lines, storage below the crib and we loved the design, but its way out of our budget at $1099.00.

This crib, the Nurseryworks Loom Crib, also had a very modern look that we liked, but the high price ($699.00) and inability to ship without crazy shipping charges made it unaffordable:

We also loved the look of the Oeuf  Classic Crib, as well as so many other things about it (eco friendly, etc), but it did not exactly fit our budget at $970.00
Then we came across the Babyletto Madison crib:
We thought it looked very similar to the Oeuf crib, and for less than half the cost at $329.00. The only thing was, how would we ship it to Canada? This became a reoccurring problem for us, and often when we did find a crib that we liked, the additional cost of the shipping put the crib out of budget. We discovered that they sold this crib at Target.com for $299.00, however they do not carry the crib in store and they do not ship to Canada.
Then we came across this beauty at Walmart.com, the Baby Mod Olivia crib, priced at $299.00:

We looked into shipping and fortunately Walmart.com ships from store-to-store for free! The reviews online of the crib looked great, and we couldn't beat the price.
Some of our concerns were that the crib had to have non-collapsable sides, no VOC's, that it was made of hardwoods, etc. This crib met all of those standards for us.
That evening we ordered the crib online and had it shipped to a Walmart store close to the border for us. We planned a weekend trip to the USA and timed the order so that the crib would arrive just before we got to the states. The crib arrived very quickly and Walmart.com did an amazing job at keeping us updated with tracking information. As a backup plan we chose to order 2 cribs, just in case one arrived damaged and we had to return it. The crib arrived in great condition but we have yet to unpack and assemble it (more on that to come in our next update).
The more we searched online for this crib, the more information we found along with tons of images of other nursery's using the same crib:
We love this feature of the Baby Mod Crib, from Project Nursery:
Melissa and Bobby of "The Barrick Times" wrote about their experience with the crib here:
Erin over at "Design Crisis" shares her experience with the crib here:
And we loved this feature of Dave and Carrie's use of the crib on Young House Love:
and lastly, this nursery that I LOVE, designed for baby Aimee from Hellobee:
HGTV.ca wrote an excellent post on this exact crib as well, which you can read about here.
So between the great reviews, the amount of times we came across this crib online, and the great information on the crib itself, it seemed like a no-brainer.
Other cribs that ended up on our list (but didn't make the final cut), included:
The Babyletto Hudson crib ($399.00):

The Babyletto Modo crib ($331.50)
So thus comes to an end, the hunt for a crib!  Once we have the crib set up, I'll write another post on our experience with that, but for now, I think we're really going to like it...and we hope baby does too :)
Melissa and Ian


  1. Gorgeous! I love the clean and modern lines. It's gonna look great!

  2. Love this crib - and your blog! Can I ask - did you have any issues bringing it back across the border? My hubby and i are looking to do the same thing you did. Would you buy it again/make the trip to buy the same crib?
    Thanks in advance! :)


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