Guest Room Reveal

So we finished with the guest room...I think.

This room has been a work in process for quite some time now, and with so many other projects on the go, I think its pretty much done...for now.

With the baby arriving in September, we wanted to ensure that any work-in-progress rooms we had started, were finished and scratched off our to-do-list, so we didn't need to worry about them.

So we're leaving this room as is for now. We're fairly happy with how the white-washed shutters turned out and still plan on making some changes to the side tables and lamps, but for now they'll have to do as they are!

We incorporated this sewing table that used to belong to my grandmother, and seemed to fit in with the feel of the room:

Other than that, we finished off the curtains, and added a bunch of fun coloured pillows:

We still love how the walls add just a bit of interest, but keep the room nice and neutral at the same time:

So there you have it, the finished space.
We've compiled a source list, but please feel free to message us if there's anything we might have missed:
Wall Shutters: Kijiji
Bedframe: Kijiji
Bed linens: HomeSense
Side Tables: Ikea
Side Table Lamps: HomeSense
Suitcases (blue): Kijiji, brown suitcase- HomeSense
Laundry Hamper: HomeSense
Ceiling Light: HomeSense (clearance)
Pillow Fabric: Tonic Living
Curtain Fabric: Tonic Living
Sewing Table: My grandmother's antique
Small desk clock: HomeSense
Painted Vases: DIY Project
Paint Colours:
Wall Colours (stripes):
Light Colour- "Fence Post"- Behr (Home Depot)
Dark Colour- "Natural Choice"- Sherwin Williams
Trim Colour: Simply White - Benjamin Moore
So that's all for the guest room for now!
Melissa and Ian 


  1. Wow, looks gorgeous! I LOVE the stripes on the wall, and the shutters as a headboard! Fantastic ideas....might have to steal them! (someday that is)


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