Nursery Design- The Chair

After we decided on a crib, the next major purchase for the nursery was the chair. I had definite ideas in mind of what I wanted for a chair and Ian was pretty much open to anything...since he figures I'll be the one using it the most...which he's probably right about.

In any space we design, there is always going to be one splurge item and this time it was the chair. We decided that we were willing to save money on all of the other items in this space, but weren't willing to compromise on the chair. We wanted it to be comfortable, stylish, work for a boy or a girl (since down the road, who knows what the future holds) and also be the right size for the space.

Regardless of all of our criteria, I had a chair in mind that I've loved for a very long time:

This rocker is EXACTLY what I was looking for and after some convincing Ian, he agreed to it. There were a few hesitations about this chair though. First of all, the price tag isn't exactly favourable at $900.00. The other issue we had with this chair, was that we weren't sure where we could test it out before buying it. We found a place locally that sells them, however they don't have any in-store and we'd have to purchase it, and then send it back if we didn't like it.
So we figured we might as well continue our search. If we came across something else comparable that we liked, we'd look into it, otherwise this was going to be our rocker.

While searching for the perfect chair, we came across a few others that we considered:

This glider from Room & Board was a dream, yet we knew the colour was very limiting and that we needed to go neutral if we wanted to be able to redecorate the nursery for another baby one day (if that ends up being a possibility).

This glider had a nice look and was a little less expensive than the Nurseryworks glider at $799.00, however we weren't sure about the design of the back and neither of the colours were exactly what we were looking for.

The next glider we were fortunate enough to test out in store, and it was high on the list as well. The Dutailier Moderno Collection had a good selection of incredibly comfortable chairs and this one had a nice modern look that we both liked. However, I was almost worried it was a bit too modern for me (although Ian didn't mind that), but again the price wasn't exactly favourable at $897.00.

I honestly wasn't a fan of that many other chairs we came across. We had an experience at one baby store, that literally made me feel like Goldilocks. They had 3 chairs out on the floor, and I literally went from chair to chair stating "too soft", "too hard", etc etc. None of them seemed to be right except for one and even still the price was just a bit too much.

Throughout our search, we also came across some chairs that didn't work for us, but that we thought would fit wonderfully in other nursery's and are also easy on the budget.

Ian has owned an Ikea Poang chair forever...like since he first moved out on his own over 12 years ago and it still lives with us to this day. Although I personally am not crazy about the look for our nursery, it is pretty darn comfortable. I actually thought these options from Ikea were pretty cute and would be super comfy...plus they are easy on the budget at $169.00:

I thought the lighter wood was nice too and there are tons of fabric colour choices and 3 frame colour choices:

I also liked this chair from Walmart.com. The Enchanted Coronado Glider for a more streamlined look and again easier on the wallet. It also comes in 4 different colour options. In the end, none of the colour options were exactly what we wanted, but this glider rings in at a great price of $399.00:
For those wanting a more traditional wooden rocker, I thought this one from The Land of Nod was beautiful and nicely designed. I personally need a softer chair, however I know many mom's who have been perfectly comfortable in a wooden rocker. Although gorgeous and sure to become a family heirloom, this one is not exactly cheap, priced at $499.00:

We had both given up on the chair search for a while, until one evening I came across this little chair on a blog post showcasing Capri's nursery from Sweet Little Peanut:

I absolutely adore this nursery and this chair fit all of our criteria- looks comfortable, a great size, not too modern or traditional, nice colour and could be incorporated into a boy or girl nursery. Ian was a bit concerend at first about the tufting, but with a bit of my persuasion, he got over it. I like the detail it adds to the chair and as someone who tends to gravitate towards more traditional pieces, thats what I loved about it.
The only problem was that the above blog post did not state the source or name of the chair, so I had to search around the internet to see if I could find it.  I then came across this image at Project Nursery:
From this, I was able to get a name for this chair- The Grand Glider, and started to search for the best price I could find. Most companies that carried the chair were charging around $700.00-$799.00, which was still more than we could afford. Many sites had different variations of the name for this chair, so when I typed in "Grand Glider" into a search, I ended up with results from everywhere. One of the sites that appeared to have it was Target, so I went onto the Target site, and there it was:
The best part was that the Target site had it listed cheapest at $579.00. Now that was a price we could work with. Again, the only issue: Target doesn't carry this chair in store, and they do not ship store-to-store or to Canada. So thankfully my new favorite baby store Walmart.com also had the chair ($10.00 less) at $569.00.
Walmart was willing to ship this item store-to-store and it arrived in about 10 days (7 days earlier than the expected delivery date). We chose to order the chair in the white/beige colour (shown above).
I did have a few concerns with ordering this chair online. The first was that if it arrived damaged, we would have no way to order another one as we were making a special trip to the USA to pick it up. Fingers crossed it didn't come damaged (and it didn't!). The second concern was that if it wasn't comfortable, I'd have to leave it and start my search all over again. However, Walmart has an amazing return policy, so we figured if it wasn't comfortable, we'd just return it right there.
My third concern was the colour. On all of the different sites we found the chair, each of them had different colours listed and different photos for what they called "white/beige/buckwheat". We wanted the colour to be slightly off white, but not tan/khaki coloured and not bright white.
Walmart.com listed this photo of the chair calling it white/beige:
 And Target.com listed this photo of the chair calling it white/buckwheat:
We hoped that the actual chair looked more like the Target.com picture, and based on the images we found online of those who had actually bought the chair, the Target image seemed more accurate. But again, this was a gamble.
So upon getting to the states and seeing our chair, we ended up with this:
Pretty much exactly what we were hoping for! The chair came in perfect condition. The fabric colour looks great (similar to the Target picture above) and its going to be super easy to clean as the water just beeds up on it. The tufting was done well and the chair itself glides nicely and swivels as well (which is a nice bonus). The other thing I like about the chair is that the back is high enough for me. Im somewhat tall and I wanted to be able to rest my head on the back of the chair...no problems with that at all.
The only thing I would suggest, is that you get some sort of ottoman to go with the chair. I have one in mind Im going to purchase- I don't think I would enjoy the gliding motion in the chair as much without an ottoman. There is one that matches this chair- Newco International Grand Bella Velvet Ottoman, but we opted for something else.
We're overall very happy with it and think its going to work great :) We'll post an update of how we are enjoying the chair once we really get to use it, but for now I'm loving it!
Melissa and Ian

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