Painting the Hallway

We painted our hallway. I *may* have had a minor panic attack the day before the painting began, but thankfully it all turned out great.

Painting a hallway is a big commitment. Its not like a small room that's easy to repaint if you aren't crazy about the colour. On top of that we had to hire someone to come in and paint the open part of our ceiling (since we need scaffolding to reach those high areas) so we needed to make SURE we were happy with the colour...7 tester pots later and 3 days of debating we had finally chosen our colour.

From the day we moved into this house, we had planned to change the colours.

As you can probably tell from many of the other rooms in this house, we prefer light colours (blues, white, light grey's) so the dark, earthy colours weren't right for us.

Here's what we started with:

We also planned to change out the light fixtures, but I'll save that for another post :)
So we chose the colour Blizzard Fog from ICI/Duluxe paints:

It has a light greenish- grey tone to it, but once we painted it on, we noticed a great deal of blue, which we were still happy with.
So here's how the hallway looks now:
We have a lot more to still do in this space (stairs are still a work in progress), as is the hanging lighting and we need to decorate the space, but it will all come with time.
You might have also noticed that the hanging fixtures that were there before are now gone. We had them replaced with potlights and love the look. There was a big debate on getting new fixtures or potlights, but we finally settled on the potlights. Our reasoning for this, was that the fixtures we wanted were almost $100 each and even still we didn't totally love them. So up went the potlights, down came the fixtures we highly disliked leaving us with a nice clean look in the hallway.
We still need to replace the large hanging fixture and we did purchase a fixture for this (which we've had for over a year), so we're excited to change that out and see how it changes the look.
For now, its so nice to walk into our home, into a nice bright entranceway...we love it.
Have any of you chosen to paint a light colour in your front entrance way? What did you think of it?
Melissa and Ian

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