Dream Closet- Installation

Our closet system was definitely an excellent investment and fairly easy to install. In my previous closet post, I mentioned that we had chosen the Martha Stewart Closet System for our master bedroom walk in closet. The price was reasonable, but the best part for us was the option of inputting your own measurements into the online design board and allowing the closet to be somewhat custom designed to your liking.

We placed our order for the system and it took about 3 weeks to arrive. When we received the shipment, it came in about 25 boxes- each box contained specific pieces of a certain type, so the pieces were not grouped together, according to how they should be installed.

We chose to assemble the first section (the back wall) in a spare room, and then move the built section into the closet, so we had more space to work with.

The back section was fairly easy to install. The instructions are included and you can also print them from the Martha Stewart website if needed.

We designed the back wall to look like this when finished:

After a few hours, the first section had been assembled:
At this point, its just the basic frame, without drawers or shelves, but you get the idea. We then moved the frame into the closet.
The closet is designed so that the entire frame hangs from brackets that have been securely screwed into the wall. Once we secured the brackets on the wall, it was just a matter of lifting up the system and placing it onto the brackets. You can see here, how the system basically hangs from those metal brackets.

We then installed the drawers and shelves:

The shelves are adjustable and when designing the closet, we indicated how many shelves we wanted. You can choose more or less, depending on your preferences and can always change around the configuration once its installed.

The drawers can also be modified. We decided on 5 drawers for our system (one additional one that you cannot see in this photo, we added later), however the drawers can also be removed and shelves can be put in their place. The drawers came with metal knobs, but to tie them into the rest of the room (and because I think they're pretty!) I changed them to be the same crystal knobs on our dresser.

The drawers are one of the most costly parts of the system, so if you are trying to keep costs down, I would suggest limiting the amount of drawers you include.

We then put together the left side of the closet in the spare room, which we designed to look like this:

We installed the brackets, moved it into the closet and installed the hanging bars and shelves:


The left and right sides of the closet were designed to be mirror images of each other, so after installing the right side, it looked like this:
So after a few days work, and once our clothes were organized, folded and put back into the closet (my favorite part!) we ended up with the final product:
Its hard to get a picture of the full view since the closet isn't that large overall, but the system helps to create a perfectly organized closet for us and we are able to fit everything (plus have some extra space) in the closet.
To be honest, the closet still looks exactly like this. We don't seem to have any trouble keeping it organized and clean, since there really is space for everything and we think it looks great too.
The brackets were the one thing I worried about, but once your clothes are on the shelves, you aren't able to see them at all, so its really not a concern. The drawers slide and open nicely and we are overall very happy with it.
We did have a few set-backs and had to rig a few things up ourselves- such as adding a top to the system (which we did by simply buying some melamine pieces, cutting them to size and attaching them to the top of the system), but overall, it was fairly easy to install.
So there you have it, dream closet finished! We just designed and ordered the system for another bedroom in our house, so once we have that installed I'll blog about that and let you know if the system went as smoothly the second time around. This time, its not a walk in closet so I'll be able to give you the perspective of designing the system for a standard closet.
Have any of you installed this type of closet or something similar? How did it work out for you?
Melissa and Ian
**The opinions on this system are entirely our own. We were not paid or endorsed to promote the Martha Stewart Closet System.**


  1. Walk-in closets are every girl's dream! The finished look is fabulous. Thanks for outlining the steps in your post. Looking forward to read your article about the next project for the other bedroom. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the great post! Since I have read this post I have ordered our walk in closet for my home. My husband isn't to happy about putting it all together but I told him how nice it will look in the end! Also loved the wall paper idea as well and adding that to one wall in our closet! Congrats on the baby as well!

    1. That's so exciting! Its a great system and it really does make things so much more organized (and pretty!) once its up! Goodluck with the install and thanks for the well wishes! :)

  3. Melissa & Ian,

    This is great advice - all of the boxes that are delivered can be very overwhelming!! I do have a question for you.

    Did you have to make any cuts during installation? Our printout shows making cuts to the "non-standard" portions. I see that star on picture 8 is showing - which means it's not a standard size. Just curious!

    Great stuff and thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading!
      We did have to make cuts during installation! It was a bit tricky at times, but we ended up cutting a few pieces to fit our space properly. I hope that helps! :)

  4. Hi,

    Great article, I love inspiration like this. This is a beautiful wardrobe, I think a wardrobe is one of the most important elements of a bedroom.

    I like ideas like this you give a great guide for other people to use, I find this really useful for my home and will definitely motivate me. Thanks for the tip's though will definitely come in handy, look forward to more articles from you. :)




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