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I am so excited to share this new project Ive taken on, and I hope this might be a great way to inspire those of you who are re-doing  rooms in your homes.

Since starting this blog, Ive had a few people ask me if I offer decorating services. To me, that is the biggest compliment you can receive when writing a decorating/design blog. To those who've asked- thank you for inspring to do more, and to continue on this path :)

Although I dont have a business (yet), I love decorating and DIY'ing and love sharing ideas with others.
Recently, a friend was asking me some questions about her nursery and I was so flattered that she was interested in my ideas for her future little girls room :)

I am in the process of creating an inspiration board for her, but wanted to show you a few ideas that have inspired me for creating her board. It was somewhat easy for me, since some of her favorite colours for a baby room are also some of my favorite colours.

Without giving away too much yet, here are some of my inspirations:

And my personal fav:

More to come when this inspiration board is complete! :)

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