Bathroom Reveal!!!! (#1)

This IS IT!!!! The first big bathroom reveal!!

As you may know, we've been in the process of renovating 2 (yes 2) of our bathrooms over the past 5 months. It was a long process (and by long, I mean LOOOOONNNGGGG) and a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into these renovations.

Renovating was one of the biggest challenges we've had to face in the world of homeownership. It takes a lot out of you, and in the end I am happy to say that things have turned out just that way we hoped they would :)

We moved into this house with the idea that we would renovate these bathrooms- we just had no idea it would take as long as it did!
After watching countless renovation tv shows, reading tons of magazines and being inspired by some of our favorite designers we had a lot of ideas and thankfully they all worked together fabulously!

This reveal is for the first bathroom we started- the Main Bath (or "Kids Bath", as I usually refer to it as).

Here it how it began:

We replaced everything. Tub, toilet, vanity, countertop, sink, fixtures, lights, floors, walls (thankfully only 1!) and hardware.

The tub was replaced with a white square tub which we sourced from Home Depot. We wanted something that was square in shape for a reasonable price. We put white 3x8 subway tiles on the wall in the shower and a band of grey mosaic tile throughout the shower.

The toliet, we managed to get on sale (for a great deal!) at the Grand Opening of the first Lowes store in our city for under $100.00. We actually got the store at 7:00am when it opened and managed to get 4 toliets in our cart, as people were grabbing them left, right and centre! When you replace a toilet with a low-flush toilet in our city, you are offered a rebate from the city, so we managed to spend less than $90 on each toilet.

The countertop is its own story. We actually went through 3 countertops to get the one we have. The first company we went with cut the first 2 tops wrong...horribly wrong. However, Graniteworx came to our rescue and cut us a beautiful quartz top for a great deal and installed it beautifully. We love the quartz- easy to clean, great for a bathroom and looks awesome.

The undermount sink was done by Graniteworx as well. We love the shape and its definitely a good quality sink that we know will last us while. The sink we had to replace was steel and had actually rusted out, so this was a mandatory change.

The faucet and shower fixtures were by Lowes and Rona and we love how they look. We got the sink tap on sale for a good price, and I love that its water efficient.

We installed potlights in the ceiling, ceramic tiles on the floors, replaced a wall that needed fixing and new hardware on the doors.

Here is our new tub:

New countertop and vanity:

New toilet:

 And some new accessories:

We're really happy with how it all came together :)

Thanks for sticking with us through this major project! We appreciate all the suggestions/support and help we received from some great friends and family :)
Ive listed all the sources, but if you have any questions or comments on anything we've done feel free to ask!


Tub- Maax (Home Depot)
Subway Tile/Mosaic Tile- (Dantes and Tile Master)
Toilet- American Standard- Dual Flush (Lowe's)
Cabinet above toilet- Allen + Roth (Lowes)
Vanity- Allen + Roth (Lowes)
Countertop- Caesarstone (Quartz)- (Graniteworx)
Sink- Kohler
Faucet- Price Pfister (Lowes)
Shower Fixtures- Uber Haus (Rona)
Vanity Light- Icecube Wall Light (Lowes)
Floors- Ceramic Light Grey- (The Source)
New Door Handle- Weiser (Home Depot)

Mirror- (Urban Barn)
TP Holder, Towel Bar - (Home Sense)
Picture Frames- (Ikea)
Flowers- (Home Sense)
Cotten Ball Jar, Soap Dispenser- (Home Sense)
Shower Curtain- (Home Sense)

Trim- Simply White- (Benjamin Moore)
Walls- Misty Moonstone- (Dulux)

1 reno down, 1 to go! Stay tuned for the Master Ensuite reveal!! :)


  1. Great job! Looking really good and I see that you are also an "over" gal ;-)

    BTW - voted for you!

  2. Wow, I love all your hardware and that mirror! Fabulous job!!

  3. so so pretty!! and sparkly!!
    the hardware and feature tiles are my favourite - and that mirror - LOVE!
    great work.
    cheryl xox.

  4. Thanks so much everyone!! There are still some finishing touches, but we are so happy its pretty much done :D

  5. Gorgeous! I am in LOVE with that mirror! I showed my hubby your bathroom reno and the sneak peek that you gave us last week, trying to convince him to let me do the same! haha! Also, I have that brown, tan, and cream striped shower curtain in your "Before" photos...ooops! Looks like I'll be replacing that now! :)

  6. That looks fabulous - so clean and bright! Well done guys. Can't wait to see reno #2.

  7. thanks ladies! Thanks Shannon- that mirror was an awesome find :)The shower curtain that was there before wasn't ours- all the "before" pics were the pics from the previous homeowners, so that stuff wasn't there when we moved in. I actually like that shower curtain too! lol!

    Thanks so much Jen! Really apprecaite it ;) Reno #2 coming up soon!!! :)

  8. looks amazing hun!!!!!!!!!! love it so much...the mirror is my favourite!

  9. Gorgeous, it's so chic and sparkly!! I love it. The mirror looks fantastic with the vanity and I really like the light. Sometimes I find it so hard to find a nice bathroom vanity light, this one is really pretty - nice work, Melissa!!

  10. wonderful makeover!

  11. Fabulous renovation. Great job.

  12. I LOVE this bathroom! And I jsut re-did mine and now I'm thinking "wow, this is SO elegant!" compared to mine! Fantatsic job!

  13. LOVE your bathroom ...looks like it was worth the wait! we'll be venturing down the bathroom reno path next spring. this makes me want to start an inspriation board now!!! :)

  14. Just popped over from YHL; looks great - what size is your subway tile?
    Christina P (NS)

    1. Hi Christina,
      The subway tile were 3x18 I think? Its a typical size for subway tiles I think :) Hope that helps!

  15. WOW!! so beautiful. i love the tub fixtures you decided upon. really love this project!!


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