Vanity Table?

Im not sure what to do with this table:

I bought it off Kijiji a while ago for $10.00 and planned on using it as a vanity/make-up table in my bedroom. It started out looking like this:

I sanded it, primed it and painted it:

I haven't put a gloss or any sort of finish on it yet, so I can change the colour or do whatever I want to it still. I dont know if I want to keep it white, change the colour, distress it....

Its been sitting in my bedroom collecting dust for the past few months...and I need some suggestions!

There are a few pieces of inspiration I have... love this piece (taken from the Nate Berkus show), but Im not sure if I want to do this to it:

Because if I could, I'd probably paint everything I own turquoise...
Plus, its going in our bedroom, and our bedroom walls are going to be a sea-foam green/turquoise colour so I dont want to have too much of that colour in the room.

But honestly, doesn't that colour just look amazing?!

However, the white does look nice and clean...maybe it just needs some funky hardware.

What would you do?
Leave it? Add funky hardware? Paint it a colour?!

Suggestions please! :)


  1. So hard! I feel like white is simple and classic and you can match any sort of accessory to it, but at the same time, giving it some colour makes it unique and a little more funky. I'm undecided!! But I think I love it either way - how come I can't find stuff on Kijiji for that cheap!

  2. Well, I'm current;y obseesed with painting furniture white, so I'd love to say that, but I'm also SERIOUSLY into turquoise right now! So I'm no help! But I think funky hardware is a must! They had some cute hardware on the home depot website, under clearance or deals or whatever that section is called!!

  3. I would add colourful hardware, because it's really beautiful painted white, but it could use a little "twist", too.

  4. Save the turquoise for the kids room. The white looks amazing!! Get the cool hardware.

  5. Ange- I think it was just a fluke! I actually wrote the person back about a different item and when I came to check it out, I saw this table and she offered it for $10...so I took it instead!

    thanks for the tips on the HD hardware!

    Thanks Tina and Arlene- Im pretty sure it will stay white, but maybe I'll add a funky coloured chair ;)

  6. I love the idea about a cool chair! You could even find some amazing funky fabric and cover something.

  7. I say leave the white (due to the future wall color) and add some funky hardware and a great chair.


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