TGIF Sneak Peek

TGIF! Friday is my favorite day of the week. Not Saturday, Friday. Why? Its like the week leading up to a vacation...all the anticipation and excitment to come...I love it.

I also have fond memories of Friday nights as a child. Did you ever watch the Friday night family tv line-up?  Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Full House, Dinosaurs, Step by Step?! Ya. Best night ever! Not only did my younger brother and I get to watch those shows and stay up wayyyy past our 8:00pm bedtime, but got to pop homemade popcorn (in the popcorn maker of course), and drink pop...Wink used to be my favorite ;)

So ya I love Friday's. This weekend I am in a wedding for a very good friend of mine, so we wont have much time to work on projects however, I wanted to show you a sneak peek of our guest room headboard I just finished this week....

I wanted to touch it up a bit and I'd like to even out the paint, but Ian seems to like the patchy look. We'll see. So there you have it- a sneak peek for a Friday.

Happy weekend everyone!

p.s Readers Choice results from our last poll are in! You wanted us to pain the sidetables in this room. So guess what? We're gonna do it! Check out our Facebook Page to get your vote in for the colour we paint them ;)

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