Projects Update

We're in the middle of multiple projects, but for some reason we're finding it hard to finish any of them right now...maybe its because we're not getting home from work until 8:30pm or something like that...not too sure? Anyho, I wanted to give you a bit of an update on everything we're in the midst of.

1. Finishing up the Guest Room Headboard

You all voted on us making this change to the guest room, so we did! Here's where we're at...not much change from a few weeks ago, but they are coming along:

Once they're done we'll fill you in on how we did them with the whitewashing process we began a few weeks ago...its a very time consuming process, but creates a really nice effect.

Our next project for this room, was also voted on by you...our fabulous readers! We'll let you know what we plan to do next, once this first project is complete ;)

2. Staining the Deck

So we finished off re-building the deck:

Our next steps for the deck, are to wait for it to dry out completely and then stain it. Its been quite the undertaking and we can't wait to share the before and after of this project with you. We're planning on staining it a light grey, and then painting our shed to match, which brings me to project #3...

3. Painting the Shed

This is the shed right now:

Its pretty much a light tan colour with bright blue trim. Our plan is to paint the tim this colour:

and paint the main parts walls of the shed this colour:

and of course match the shed wall colour to the deck.

4. Making a Roman Shade for the Kids Bathroom

I have this fabric...well actually its 2 curtains I picked up a while ago:

but I have enough fabric to work with, to make it into a roman shade. It works well with the colours in the bathroom:

I've found a great tutorial on how to creat the shade, but I think it might be a bit more difficult than I'm anticipating, so we'll see!

5. Shelving in the main Master Bedroom Closet/ Wallpaper in the smaller closet

We've been living out of 3 closets in different bedrooms for the past 6-7 months. We've gotten used to the idea of our underwear being in one place, pants in another and shirts somewhere else, but its getting a bit old.

Right now our closets look like this:

So after they're done, we know they're going to look pretty awesome. VERY excited for the day when most of our clothes are in one place!

6. Finishing off the Guest Room:

The curtains have been completed:

However, there is still a LOT to do. Headboard, lamps, sidetables, accessories and artwork. Lots to go in this room!

7. Gardens, gardens, gardens.

The planting never ends around here. We're working on fixing up all of our gardens, and planting everything in the fall, so this project is going to be on the go for a while:

So there's our project update: lots to think about, lots to share and lots to do! Hope to share one of these completed projects with you all soon :)

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