As LL Cool J would say, we are loungin people! Yes I grew up in the 80's and yes I probably listened to a few LL Cool J songs in my day...common Mamma Said Knock You Out....you know it ;)

Anyho, the true topic of this post is to fill you in on some tips for buying patio furniture, or in our case, patio loungers. We had been looking for loungers to match our patio set since last summer, and hadn't had any luck. We got super lucky with the rest of our patio set- totally scored at HomeSense last year.

I saw this dark blue/navy/black resin wicker set one day and convinced Ian it was a great find. He eventually agreed, and we lugged the entire set home somehow. I like to think its navy, but everyone else tells me its black...the wicker and colour looks pretty similar to this:

However, our dining table is square and so are our chairs, and its not from Pottery Barn's gorgeous collection...Pottery Barn considers this set to be "black" too...so I guess they win. I will finally admit ours probably is black.

Anyho, we wanted to find matching loungers, but struggled to find the right ones.

We first came across these babies from DOT Furniture...

However the money tree in our backyard hasn't sprouted yet and $775.00 EACH was definitely not in the budget.

Then we came across these ones from Overstock:

Which I actually liked better, but were still $528.00. Nope.

We found these at Target, which looked great:

They were $199.00 each, but we would have had to take a trip to the USA, find 2 of them in the store and somehow get them back over the border...riiiiiight.

Somehow last weekend we just happened to look on the right site at the right time. We were checking out the DOT Furniture site again, and came across these:

They're the right colour (black of course), have the same metal base as our dining table, and were on SALE. Regular price was $425.00 each, and they are on sale for $170.00 each. SOLD! We went out there on the holiday Monday and they happened to be open. They had 2 left in the warehouse. Now tell me that isn't super lucky, so we bought them- I think I practically threw my credit card at the sales lady...in a nice friendly way of course.

Im SO happy we found them. Now I dont need to to try and spray paint our old plastic loungers...which to be honest, Ive been avoiding ever since the little I-found-a-honeycomb-in-the-chair-and-can't-clean-it-since-I'm-having-a-panic-attack, incident happened.

So there you have it. We're loungin' peeps.

I honestly have to say though, that I absolutely love the resin wicker. Its very durable, looks great and has a clean, modern look to it.  Since we practially look at patio furniture every time we go out lately, we've learnt a few things along the way about purchasing patio furniture:

1. Try to buy something that has an aluminum frame. Steel will rust and platic bends and doesn't last as long. Aluminum might cost you a bit more, but its worth it in the end when you aren't using CLR to get rid of all the rust on your furniture every year.

2. Wait for a sale or buy at the end of the season. We bought all of our furniture at the end of the season last year and this year got the loungers and an umbrella hugely on sale.

3. Think of your patio furniture in the same way you would furniture for your home. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then you should be able to relax and enjoy as much as you would indoors. You might consider buying a table, dining chairs and a seating set if you plan to sit outside a lot.

4. Pick a colour that will stand the test of time. We like grey's and whites (obviously!) so when I saw the dark navy black set, I loved it right away. I envisioned a dark set with white cushions and a grey deck, and thats exactly what we are going for. It goes with the colour scheme on the inside and what we'll eventually have on the outside of our home.

5. Make sure you have room for storage. We put some of our furniture in our pool shed for the winter, but I wanted to keep some things inside over the winter. Thankfully we had to space in our basement for that, but if you dont have a lot of extra space in your home or garage, consider that when you are buying.

Lastly, make sure you enjoy it! This year, once the deck was finished, we moved our furniture around so we now have a dining area and a seating area (pics to come later), and we love it. We sit outside more (when we do actually sit down to relax!) and have made better use of our space.

Hope that helps with your patio furniture shopping ;) Have any of you bought resin wicker or aluminum? How have you found its been keeping?

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