Katharine Hepburn's Estate

For a cool $18,000,000 you can buy an iconic home...Katharine Hepburn's estate.

It just went on the market and its pretty incredible. Its decorated beautifully and simple enough to suit the tastes of most. For those who dont like simple, a few stouches here and there could totally make this your own. With 6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms and 8,368 Sq. Ft, you'd definitely have enough space for that bowling alley you've always wanted....maybe a movie theatre, indoor tennis courts, ballroom, etc, etc....

So, anyone willing to loan me $18 mil?! I promise I'll make the guest room spectacular ;)

You can see the rest of the palace home here.

Happy dreaming ;)


  1. HA! I live very close to here :) Never knew her estate was in CT!

  2. I wonder if they will take a check? ;-)

  3. Let me get my chequebook! What a gorgeous home. It has such classic bones and a timeless look.


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