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I am so looking forward to our next project. After our bathrooms are completed (sigh....HOPEFULLY by the end of August), and the colder weather hits, we are planning to tackle our next project. This will be much smaller project- -painting and decorating our guest room.

Im am REALLY looking forward to this project, since we have the paint, colours picked, furniture for the room, and pretty much most of the things we need- so its definitely something we can do on our own timeline and agenda.

We want to have this room ready, so we can have family and friends visit without having to offer them a mattress on the floor somewhere...currently we dont even have floor space for a mattress!

So let me give you a peak as to how the guest room looks now:

However, keep in mind that none of this furniture is in there (it was the previous owners) and all the decor is off the walls. So basically we are working with a blank slate!

In this photo the wall colour actually looks sort of a tan, but it is actually a mustard yellow colour.

Here are some of the ideas we have for this room (mostly courtesy of Layla and Kevin at The Lettered Cottage for these inpsiration pics!):

Wall ideas:

Headboard Inspiration and Colour Inspiration:

Furniture (Ikea) we already have (only in a light brown colour):

Accent Ideas:

I can't wait to share how it all looks put together! Can't wait to start this project- and special thanks to Layla and Kevin for all the inspiration on this one! ;)

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  1. Do the stripes on the walls! That picture is EXACTLY the inspiration I have for our guest room! And I ADORE the Hemnes dresser line from Ikea...just fab!

  2. I LOVE the stripes on the wall!

  3. Shannon- why am I not surprised!? lol!! Blogger soul sisters here!

    I know Rachel! They are so awesome!

  4. I love the letters that spell Quiet. So quaint and cute.


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