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I've had a lot of people ask me about the "theme" or style for our nursery. The funny thing is, I've had a hard time answering that question! We've known what we wanted for our nursery for a looooong time, (we had both "boy" and "girl" nursery designs planned out), but I don't think we really ever had a theme in mind.

We looked at a LOT of nursery's online and collected a lot of ideas but we also wanted it to have our own style. The concepts we liked were calming, vintage, relaxing, natural, eclectic, rustic and warm. We wanted the nursery to have a put together, just not "matchy" feeling to it and we loved the idea of incorporating neutral colours and injecting vintage, rustic and contemporary pieces into it.

The main piece we used as inspiration, was an old rocking horse I picked up at a second hand store...for a mere $12.00. Its one of our favorite finds to date and we just loved the vintage feeling from it and the fact that it was handmade. I was also given this little guy from a friend and loved his rustic look.

We also come across this adorable car from Indigo kids, and knew it was perfect for the nursery. We had some wonderful friends and family go in together on this gift for us, and it looks absolutely perfect in the nursery space:

So you can see our nursery is really a mix of many things. Basically we ended up with a variety of different textures and materials in the room. I designed an idea board incorporating ideas we had found online along with my our inspiration and ended up with this:

There are still a lot of aspects to the room that we did not include on this board, but that we have added along the way. The nursery has been coming together very nicely, and we can't wait to show you all the finished product :)

Have any of you been designing a nursery lately?! Did you have a theme in mind?

Melissa and Ian

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