We're Back!

Hi Everyone!
Wow, it's been a while...but we're so happy to be back.
Over the past few months, Ian and I have been focusing on some other things and the blog unfortunately took a bit of a back seat. Keeping up with projects, photos, postings and the other things going on in our lives became too much and the one thing we knew we could put a hold on (unfortunately) was the blog.
The funny thing was, we really didn't think many people would miss us. Now, we know we have incredible readers out there, but we figured that people might occasionally check back, but not really miss us. We never expected to hear from so many of you: "are you going to get back to the blog again soon?!" and to have so many questions as to what projects we were working on, or what we planned to post about once we returned to blogging. We cannot thank you enough *HUG* for all of those comments.
It truly helped us believe that although we started this blog as simply a way to document what we were doing to update our home and to keep a journal for ourselves, it has evolved into so much more.  We heard from people, that they liked learning about the projects we were doing, to get inspired to do something to their homes and to realize that they too, could do things themselves.

We thought about it, and realized how much we really missed documenting these things and sharing these projects with everyone. We never stopped working on projects...we may have slowed down a bit, but I don’t actually think we could have fully stopped. At least one conversation we have every day starts out with "soooo I was thinking for the kitchen..." or "what colour were you thinking for the hallway...” etc. It's literally something we not only enjoy doing, but truly have a passion for.
So in getting back to the blog, we've set a few parameters for ourselves. We're blogging for multiple reasons- for us, for you and for those who we hope are inspired from what we do. We're not going to say that every day we're going to post a new project or that every week we'll have a series or posts or anything like that. We're going to post as much as we can...so that we still love blogging as much as we always did. We're not blogging to make money or to advertise products we don’t support- we're just blogging to share ideas and to keep our creativity alive.

We hope you'll continue to pop in every once in a while and read about a project that hopefully inspires you to fix up that old item in your garage, paint a room you've been thinking about for months, or try doing something you might not have thought you could. Most of all, we truly thank you for your support and encouragement. Less than 3 years ago, neither of us realized how much of a passion we have for working on our home together. Completing these projects and blogging about them has brought us closer, helped us to share in successes, learn from those "not so successful attempts", and actually keep us focused on the positive things in our lives.

So this message has a few purposes. The first is really just to thank you. To thank you for supporting us, for sticking with us and for being so positive about what we do. The second is to let you know that blogging is a part of our lives, but not our entire lives. We have jobs, families, school, and other commitments just like everyone else, and we'll continue to blog, but we're not going to let it take over our lives.

Over the next while, we'll be posting about several projects we've been working on, sharing news and things that have been happening in our lives. We're excited to share all of that with you and to reconnect with so many of you whom we've met and developed relationships with through our blog.

We've missed you, and we're happy to be back!

Melissa, Ian and Clover


  1. Replies
    1. Love your blog hun and so proud of you and all you've accomplished with it! xoxo

  2. So glad you are back!

  3. Thanks so much everyone! We are happy to be back :)


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