Chair Update

Remember our vanity chair that we made over a whiiiiile back?

It started out looking like this:

and we made it over to look like this:

Well, we loved how that chair turned out, but once we got our headboard fabric something had to change. After searching for months for our headboard fabric, we figured it was probably easier to change the chair. So we did.
First we had it sprayed a different colour. We chose "Polar Jade" by Benjamin Moore:

The first time around I painted the chair by hand and was really happy with the paint and the results. This time, we decided to get it professionally sprayed. We figured since we were getting the nightstands done, that we might as well do the chair at the same time to save us money on buying a can of paint and the time. We didn't need to prime the chair since it had already been painted. The painter just gave it a light sanding and then it was sprayed. This colour worked perfect with our drapes, new headboard fabric and nightstands (which we had had sprayed in the same colour...post on that coming soon).
After spraying the chair, we reupholstered it with what we had leftover from our headboard fabric, "Fleur, Summer" from Tonic Living:
and soon we ended up with a chair that matched everything perfectly:


The chair actually looks a lot brighter in the pictures than it actually is. The colour is actually closer to the colour of the drapes which works perfectly.
So there you go. A quick and easy makeover that didn't break the bank.
Chair- already owned (so FREE! kinda?!)
Paint and spraying- $60.00 Polar Jade by Benjamin Moore
Fabric- leftover from our headboard fabric (Fleur Summer from Tonic Living) (also free since we already had it)
Total cost: $60.00.
Im thinking of adding some"bling" nailhead trim around the seat base where the fabric meets the chair...what do you think?!
Melissa and Ian


  1. this looks amazing!! i love the print you picked!!

  2. It was pretty the first time around. Now it's gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Krista! I love both versions, but the second definitely goes with the room better :)


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