Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Last time I posted about our vanity, the mirror was sitting on the vanity top and it wasn't completely finished yet. So I finally got my act together and finished it up.

That's right people, the mirror's actually up on the wall now. I convinced Ian to use a hammer and put a nail up....only because I know he'd kill me if I tried to do it myself. That, and I'd probably miss and put a massive hole in the wall that Clover could fit through....so the only solution was to bribe Ian to do it for me.
Food usually works for that.

Anyho, got the nail up, put the mirror up and presto- mirror on the wall!

I also added this cute little lamp from HomeSense:

It was on clearance and the colour was perfect. Only problem? I brought it home and it didn't work. Switched to a new bulb...still didn't work. Boo.

So I went to return it at a different store, and found another lamp exactly the same...also on clearance. This one better work! Brought it home, flipped the switch and ta-da! Worked perfectly!

Not only now do I have a mirror up on the wall, but a light so I can actually see what Im doing at night. SO much better for everyone involved here....

So there you have it! A finished project which only means we're one step closer to our master bedroom reveal.

For those of you who dont follow us on Facebook or Twitter (and why not I might like to add?! Join in the party!)- I often share sneak peeks of what we're up to on our Facebook page before I post about it. Think of it like a VIP club, where you get special privileges and cool stuff. Although ours is free and right now the bonus' are pretty limited...but again, isn't it cool to be a VIP? I like to think so.

So here's another small peek that I posted on Facebook this week, of our *almost* complete master bedroom...

Whatcha think?!
Thats all for now...I'm off to finish up that room people!


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