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Who doesn't love Fridays? Its my awesome item for today. Just the fact that today is Friday rocks.

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One of the announcements I made a while back, was that I was going to try and list one "awesome item" every day. For those of you who have read "The Book of Awesome" by Neil Pasricha, you'll know what Im talking about. For those who haven't I highly recommend it. Neil came to do a speech at a staff conference we had at work and he totally inspired me. So, thats when I started my own "awesome item a day" tally:

Monday- finished the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series and actually went to bed before 1:30am- awesome.

Tuesday- new sheets fesh out of the dryer, on the bed- awesome.

Wednesday- did not get attacked by the goose standing beside my car- awesome.

Yesterday I found a granola bar in my purse when I was about ready to eat 18 tic tacs to fend off my hunger- awesome.

Today is Friday- awesome.

Small pleasures people. Small pleasures.

Next week we are going to have some exciting changes happening to the blog and I can't wait to share with all of you (also awesome!)

Until then, I wanted to share something we are going to start doing on Friday's on the blog. I often feel that when you read someone blog you think, wow, is this real? These people always seem so happy and smiley and their world looks perfect. Well, lets be honest, at least in our world thats not always the case!

We save up for weeks to buy things and get everything on sale. Most of the time we are scrounging around in our kitchen to make meals (hmmmm grilled cheese on rice crackers and an old can of soup sounds delicious!) and spend hours working on every project we post- many of which don't always turn out as planned..."Ian why is this paint bubbling?"

So, in the spirit of "keeping it real" we're going to dedicate this Friday post to just that. Keeping in real.

Other than decor, I have a love for fashion and finding deals. These will just be some of the things we post about on Fridays. The best part? Everything we post about will be things that most anyone can do, try or buy.

A key piece to living beautifully (for us) is doing that on a budget. We hope this will let you all see that we struggle through situations like everyone else and things aren't always perfect.

So for today, I wanted to share something I thought was super awesome....

She really is the best :)

Did you note the big white painted square on our wall in the video? Yep, thats where the previous owners had installed a cat passageway. So after filling the hole, we haven't gotten around to painting it yet, and now there's just a big fancy white square there.

Just keeping it real :)

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