O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is to decorate the tree with my family. Last year, Ian and I decorated our tree in our new home for the first time. Even Clover joined in on the fun (aka we put reindeer antlers on her :D). I love that time together.

I have fond memories of my mom putting on the chipmunks christmas tape (yes audio cassette!) "I just want a hooola hoooop", wearing comfy clothes, my brother and I looking at old ornaments (that all seem to have a story behind them), and spending the day decorating the tree.

My family always had 2 trees- you know, the "kids" tree and the display tree. The kids tree always had all of the ornaments my mom collected over the years, ones my brother and I had made- glued popsicle sticks with felt and glitter, candycane reindeers, pinecones on a string, etc. Plus all of the brightly coloured ornaments, old family ornaments and ones that didn't seem to "fit" on the display tree.

The "display" tree on the other hand, was white. My mom always decorated it in a colour theme- for many years it was pink and blue, then it changed to gold and silver. All of the ornaments matched and were much more delicate- glass, etc.

Heck, why not have 2 trees? The more Christmas spirit the better :)
This weekend our family will be decorating the tree together again. Ian, Clover and I will be spending one day together decorating our own tree, and the other day will be spent decorating at my parents place (it was one of the items on my mom's Christmas list this year :) I think we are all looking forward to it- and maybe a few "festive specials" will be thrown in there for some fuel :)

In the spirit of tree decorating, I wanted to share some Christmas tree's I think are fabulous:


I hope you all have (or are looking forward to) fun spending time with family and/or friends decorating the tree or whatever other Christmas activities you plan on doing together :)

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  1. I am looking forward to decorating with Clover this year! We definitely need another female's contribution. Isn't in ironic that after I get a green tree I see them selling white trees EVERYWHERE! I think the key is that your tree or tree's (lol)should reflect what is special to you.. even if you happen to have more then one, or two, or three....


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