Let there be Light!

We've got light in our guest room! Finally!

For a while, it was getting difficult to determine which fabrics would work well in that room, by flashlight :S

So we finally found the perfect fixture. Best part? We got it on clearance for $32.00! BAM! It was originally $120, marked down to $80, then $60, then $32.00! It must have been fate, as it was late one evening when I poped into HomeSense to return a throw we had bought, and based on a super long line at the cash, decided to walk around the store (just once) before heading up to the cash.

I saw this beauty sitting in the lighting section.

It had obviously been returned (as the box was pretty ripped up) and there was just one sitting there. I grabbed it (and good thing I did, as 2 people in line asked me where I found it and the cashier told me she had actually thought of buying it earlier that day!).

We were looking for a very specific style (something rustic, cottage-y and that added a natural element to the room).

We had already bought 2 lights: this one from Rona (we loved the design and size, but it was just a bit too dark for the space):

and this one from Urban Barn (loved the colour, but it was too big for the space):

strike two. So we brought this one home and took a chance- perfect! Perfect size, perfect colour and best of all, perfect price!

Guest room is coming along nicely! (Sorry for the fuzzy photo and lack of colour- a better photo will come once we get some fabric into this room!)


  1. What a cool light fixture and such a deal!!

  2. congrats on the light... looks really fabulous! :)

  3. Love the light.You really scored matching the warm,rustic feel of the room :) Can't wait to see it all finished. I think any guest will really feel warm and welcome in this room when it is done !!!Good job:)


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