Lingerie Chest

Its not what you think. Seriously. Im talking about furniture. Ian might say otherwise though...
Anyho, I recently acquired this French Provincial "Lingerie Chest" from my favorite place, where else, Kijiji.

I can't help it. I have a soft spot for French Provincial furniture. I love the curvy lines, the classic vinatge feel and the feminine look to the pieces. When I saw this piece for sale (at an incredible price), I had 2 ideas of what I could do with it- Im still debating...

I found some inspiration on Pinterest:


but that only confused me more! Still not sure what Im going to do to it yet...what would you do to a piece of French Provincial furniture like this?!


  1. Would look nice in a baby girl's room!

  2. Painted of course.

    Living room - I would use it as dvd storage. They could stand on their side so titles are face up

    Dining room - cutlery, small platters, linens/placemats, candles etc.

    Hallway - wire one drawer for phone recharge station; gloves, keys, mail. etc.

    Lydia B.

  3. I love love love it!

    What I'd do depends on where it is going to live in your home :)


  4. That tall gray one is to DIE FOR. And I would totally use it as jewelry/ accessory (belts, etc.) storage.


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