Decorating a Nursery Wall Part 2

After installing the Urban Walls decal on the wall above our change table, we were hooked. The decals were super easy to install and we loved the fact that they could be changed up whenever we wanted.

So we went crazy and bought another design for the wall above the crib. We loved the look of the "Seeing Stars" decal and decided to order it in white. The wall colour in the nursery is called  "Pelican" and its a very light warm gray. We wanted something subtle and figured the white decals would blend nicely but still stand out just enough.

The decals are super easy to install. I planned out a grid on graph paper first, so that my decals would be evenly spaced. After doing that, I cut out each decal and taped them onto the wall, to get an idea of how they would look. I started with the top horizontal row and the left hand vertical row:

After I had the first 2 rows set up the way I wanted them, I taped on the rest of the rows. Then I removed the backing and placed them onto the wall. I didn't remove the parchment paper and stick them to the wall just yet (you can see in the picture a light cream coloured parchment paper on top of most of the decals- that is the final piece you remove before actually sticking them to the wall). I wanted to make SURE I liked how the room looked before actually sticking them down:

As you can see, I had a little helper :) (how else do Mom's ever get anything done?!)

You might have also noticed that I added an additional row at the top. I didn't like how much space I had created between the top decal and the ceiling, so I added in another row. I shifted things around a bit, and to be honest, I actually eye-balled putting most of the decals on the wall in the end (due to limited time with a 7 month old!)

Once I was happy with my placement (I stepped back many times, adjusted and re-adjusted), I firmly pressed the decal onto the wall, using an old plastic card (a credit card will do) and made sure the decal was firmly stuck. Then I simply peeled off the parchment paper, and done!

Here is the final product (I love it!):

I absolutely love what it adds to this wall and the overall space. Plus, they look surprisingly even (go figure!). I chose the "Seeing Stars" decal, as I thought it somewhat went with the theme in the nursery. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that we have somewhat of an "outdoorsey" theme in this room with all of the different materials, wood, fur, metal, leather, etc, the neutral colour palette and the animal influences. I also have quite a few "star" themed things in the room (pictures, blankets, clocks, etc) so the stars just seemed suiting. I liked the idea that it made the nursery wall feel like a starry night.

So overall, I absolutely loved using the decals from Urban Walls to add to this space and will definitely be using them again- I have a few ideas in mind for some other spaces in our home!

If you want to see the first post in this series of 3 (about how we did the other wall with a decal from Urban Walls) check out this post here.

And next up, we'll finish up the decal on the previous wall...and then I think we're done!

Stay tuned for the final post in this series :)

Melissa and Ian


  1. Beautiful job on the stars! I love the way it adds some interest with out being the nightmare of putting up wallpaper . A wall full of tiny stars for our little star Cole :) xo

  2. Just found your blog. I love it!

  3. This is so precious - soft and fun! The whole room has a wonderful feel to it.


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