Powder Room Reno Part 1

So here is what we started with:

It wasn't horrible. However, it was a a bit stuck in the 90's and not really our style. The sponge paint on the walls was going to be the first thing to go. Along- with the super old toilet that gave me the heebie-geebies.

So we started taking it apart...with a plan and a small budget in mind. We planned to overhaul this space for under $1000.00 and I think we did it! More on that to come later.

So first things first. We took out the vanity and had to move the pipes behind  it. We moved the pipes that we coming up out of the floor, so that they were coming out of the back wall. We did this so that we didn't have to cut a hole up into the bottom of the new vanity.

Once we did that, we had to fix the drywall on the back wall and add tiles back onto the floor where the vanity had been.

Since the vanity was going to be going on top of the tiles, we weren't worried about chipping out the half tiles and replacing them with full tiles. We just wanted to make sure that there were tiles under the vanity as the vanity is raised off the floor and some tile will be visible.

Once the tiles were grouted, Ian removed the baseboards and fixed up the drywall:

It was his first time doing drywall, so we figured a wall that would be covered up with a vanity was a good place to start! However, I think he did a pretty good job for his first attempt!

Next, we put the baseboards back on and added some chair rail (because we apparently, really like adding mouldings to rooms!)

We then removed the ancient toilet and prepared to prime the space:

And the priming began:

and once it was done, it was already a million times better than what we started with!

So that's where we'll leave this post at for now. Next we'll talk about picking a wall colour, vanity and all of the other choices for the room! Stay tuned :)

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Melissa and Ian

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