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Recently there have been a lot of bloggers who have been writing about the lack of posts in blogland. Now, before I comment on this, I want to say this post is completely my own words and thoughts. I'm not writing this to "copy" anyone else's thoughts or ideas, but rather to give my 2 cents on the topic. Plus, its been something that has been weighing on my mind for quite some time.

I recently read Janice's post and loved it. It made me feel slightly relieved about the whole "blogging thing". To be honest, I thought it was just us who had stopped posting so often. Once we had our baby (our very colicky baby, I might like to add!), our priorities in life changed. We barely had time to eat during the day, much less work on a project, take photos of it and write a blog post. I tried to be ok with it...I had to, but it was still weighing on my mind. Then I started to see these posts popping up in blogland- about how bloggers weren't posting as much, about how other media sources may contributing to the lack of blogs, etc. I began to realise it wasn't just us.

I had been feeling pressured to keep up with blogging. To try and balance my life so that I could fit blogging in again. But then I took some time and really thought about it. What about the blog did I love? What was it bringing to my life?

For us, blogging began as sort of a diary/document of the work we were doing to our home. We wanted to keep it at just that. We aimed to post a few times a week and if people were reading our blog (and liked it!), that was just a bonus. We decided not to advertise on the blog or partner with sponsors and really just to keep the blog casual. We also didn't want to blog much about our personal lives: what we were making for dinner or wearing that day, weekend outings with our family, etc. That was just the way we chose to blog- to keep the blog focused on one topic- designing our home. Now, I know some fantastic bloggers who manage to talk about a variety of topics, Christine and Janice are two amazing examples, and I absolutely love reading their blogs, however, regardless of our blog topics, we all have one thing in common. We love to share ideas, information and express our creativity.

Blogging also brought me close to some amazing people. Shannon, Lauren and Katy are 3 people I've met through blogging that I can honestly say, I admire and would consider some of my best "blogging buddies". I know if we lived closer, we would  hang out (at least I'd be up for it!). Not only do we have blogging in common but other interests as well. (P.S. I miss you girls!)

So blogging wasn't just a creative outlet for us. It became a way to document ideas, express our creativity and also a social connection- it brought us closer to people who shared similar interests to us. It truly has brought a lot to our lives and its been an amazing creative outlet for us both. Plus its helped us to discover a true passion in our lives.

So if blogging can bring us so much, then why are we all posting less?

I think we've all begun to really look at how much time blogging takes away from personal connections in our lives. For us, when we get home from work and spend multiple evenings and weekends working on a project and then need to spend more time to edit and post about it, it takes away from the only time we can spend together as a family. An easier way to document these projects is to use Instagram or Pinterest and to simply just post some action photos of our lives and projects in progress.

So if you've noticed that your favourite bloggers might be slowing down a bit, maybe this is just the beginning of a shift in the use of social media? I'm not sure, but I honestly love when someone "pins" one of the rooms we've worked on. I used to love seeing comments on the blog, but I understand that readers may not have time for that anymore. Simply "liking" or "pinning" a photo of our work might be what we bloggers should be expecting from our readers from now on. And that's totally fine with me (although comments are ALWAYS welcomed!).

All I would say, is that if you like the work that a blogger has done, to please let them know! We put our heart and soul into what we do, and it means a lot to us when someone pins our work. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so please give kudos when they are deserved. Plus, it will keep your favourite blogger blogging!

So to conclude this post, we'll be still blogging like we did before- when we have something new to share and that we think you'll find useful or inspirational. Speaking of which, we've got a few great projects to share fairly soon ;)

Melissa and Ian


  1. I love your blog and look forward to many more posts! However, family always has to come first. I know if I had that sweet baby boy that you do, blogging would likely be one of the furthest things from my mind! :)

  2. Oh, man! I have missed you! I still stalk you on Facebook though...I hope that's ok! :) I have noticed this, too. It was my New Years resolution to post more, but only because I have realized that blogging and been a segway into my business and I should invest more time into it! But I have noticed that people have stopped commenting as much. It's really discouraging to post something and then have no one say anything about it! I do think that people like to Pin things rather than comment, which is different then when I first started blogging. I think that you do what you gotta do, and blog around your life schedule. You husband and your son are much more important. Miss you! :)

    1. You are so sweet :) I totally agree with everything you said...and hey, thats why we're friends on FB...so we can keep up with each other ;) Miss you too! Will write a msg soon ;)

  3. I love reading your blog. Your home is amazing. I am so jealous of your ability to decorate . Family always comes first, and life is always changing. I will keep checking back in hopes of seeing more of your beautiful home, as well as getting to know you a little bit too.

    1. Thanks Ali! So nice of you to say that and we really appreciate you taking the time to write :)


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