Guest post from Burlap and Lace!

Today I'm super excited to have a guest post from my blogging BFF Shannon over at Burlap and Lace! She's insanely creative and has done so many incredible things to her home. Thanks so much Shannon for guest posting today!

Thanks Melissa! I'm super excited to be posting here today!

I wanted to share with you some of the updates going on in the house right now, particularly in the dining room. Since I last posted about our dining room, we have installed laminate flooring, and made a few other minor changes!

This is what my dining room looked like BEFORE:

and (semi) AFTER, when I thought I was finished:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="View the full post for the story behind this dining room reveal!"]


But now, just to keep you in the loop (and to keep myself in check!), I will be posting about the
endless small list of things that we still need to do in this space. Here is the dining room NOW:

We installed the flooring, but we still need to install quarter round in this room. Remember the great deal for the area rug? Well, we bought a larger jute rug for the living room, and moved this one in here. I like it much better in this space.

I'm keeping the mis-matched china for now, because I'm still diggin'it.

Nothing screams "SPRIIIIING!" more to me than feminine flowers and milk glass (and yes, that is exactly how I hear it in my head).

Remember this lamp makeover from waaaay back when?! I moved it down here from the guest bedroom. I'd still like to find two matching lamps to flank each side of the buffet.

Can't go wrong with a stack of books and a bird!

The DIY tissue paper flowers made their way back into the dining room. Those suckers get around, if you know what I'm sayin'...

My DIY painting is also staying in the room...for now ;)

I also bought some cabinet hardware at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. I believe these knobs ended up being $1.50 a piece, and I like them much more than the original ones.

I also added some chandelier crystals on a whim (about three months ago) and haven't taken them down since. They need to be tied with clear thread, but I'm still not sure what I think about them. My plan is to add enough paint and other crap to this builder's grade brass chandelier until my husband gets sick of it and buys me a new one (I can haz?)

  • install floor
  • buy new area rug
  • refinish table
  • find buffet
  • refinish buffet
  • paint
  • install chair rail
  • reupholster chairs
  • hang plate wall
  • hang picture molding under chair rail
  • frame out window with molding
  • install quarter round
  • find new curtains (gray/ patterned?)
  • new chandelier
  • arm chairs for table
  • art for both sides of window
  • two new lamps
  • and much, much more, I'm sure...

Thanks again Shannon, you've done an amazing job! If you want to check out more of what Shannon's done (which of COURSE you do!), go check out her blog at Burlap and Lace!

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