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Hi Everyone!

Its been a while since Ive been on here- we have a lot going on right now, but there are so many things I have to share with you. Many of these projects we've completed a while back, and some we have still yet to finish.

Most of you will remember seeing our Master Ensuite reveal, and we are very much nearing completion on this room! We only have 2 things yet to complete, and Im so happy its almost done!

One of the major things we wanted to finish, was the curtains for this room. We found some incredible fabric on my favorite fabric suppliers site: Tonic Living, and felt that it went perfectly in the room:

It matched our tile choices nicely and helped to really tie the room together. Here's what the ensuite looked like before the curtains:

and here is the after:

We chose to create 4 smaller panels rather than 2 or 4 large, based on the size of the room. They fit the opening of the window perfectly and add a nice amount of pattern and texture to the space.

We chose to create simple panels, and hang them from the curtain rods with drapery clips. I found this was the most simple way to hang them while keeping the style modern and clean.

The curtain rods were from Lowes and the drapery clips from Boucliar Home. We used 3 packages of 7 drapery clips (leaving 1 to spare) as each panel needed 5 clips. Thankfully, the rods and drapery clips were a perfect match.

In order to make the panels, I used my Singer machine (which I LOVE), and followed these steps (which I made up as I went):

1. Take measurements of your windows and fabric to see what you have to work with. My windows were 45 inches wide and my fabric was 54 inches wide, so I knew I had just enough fabric to cover my window. I figured I could cut the piece in half, and with seams and cutting off the raw edges would end up with just enough. 
2. Lay the fabric down on a large surface (my dining table worked well!).
3. Cut off the raw edges.
4. If you are creating small panels like I did (24 inches wide), fold your fabric in half and iron the crease.
4. Cut your fabric down the middle to create 2 large pieces
5. Figure out how tall you want your panels to appear (I wanted to hang mine closer to the ceiling (my curtain rods were already up- which was risky!- but I measured how tall I needed them to be from the rod to the floor.)
6. Cut the fabric to be just long enough, and put your extra fabric aside. I had purchased enough fabric to create 4 panels.
7. You should now have 1 large piece thats just long enough, cut in half. Sew all your edges to create 2 large panels.
8. I went the extra step to make sure my patterns matched when I closed the panels, but you dont need to do this.
9. Once I finished my first 2 panels, I used one of them as a template to create the remaining 2.

Its not a difficult process, it just takes time to sew, iron and measure when you are working with such a large amount of fabric.

Im really happy with how the turned out, and am now working on a roman shade for our "kids" bath and 2 more curtain panels for our guest room. Our guest room is getting close to being finished and so is our master ensuite so those will be up soon.

For now, I can enjoy a nice relaxing bath in my washroom...without giving the neighbours a show anymore :S

Enjoy this sunny day everyone!

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  1. Love, love, love! The perfect color and pattern for your space! Awesome job!

  2. Your bathroom is gorgeous! We're mid-renovation ourselves, and I love the mirrors over the vanity. Would you mind sharing the source for those? Thank you very much!

  3. So gorgeous! They compliment the room perfectly. I love the geometric pattern on them too! :)

  4. thanks ladies!!
    Anna, the mirrors over the vanity were from Homesense, although Ive seen them at Home depot as well! :) We just sprayed the sides of ours white :)
    Hope that helps! Melissa

  5. Hi Melissa, I just saw your comment on my blog - it seriously IS a small world! Thanks so much for introducing yourself! Wow, you have a fabulous blog yourself. I will be definitely be checking back here more often. (Thanks for the reference to Tonic Living... I've been looking for a new favourite fabric supplier for awhile and had never heard of them before. LOVE it.)

    Great job on your home!!
    Janette :)

  6. Thanks Janette! Im so glad you wrote back and for checking out our blog! Tonic Living is amazing- Ive used them for all of the fabric Ive ever bought-lol! Plus, they are Canadian and ship for free to our area! Love it! Hope you are enjoying your new place and gorgeous little one :)

  7. I love the curtains you made!! You and your hubby are so handy and crafty! I wish I knew how to sew... probably something I should learn one day haha. Your bathroom is amazeballs by the way... I would love to just soak in that tub all day haha. Thanks for being my new blog friend!

  8. Where is that beautiful chandelier from?

    Thank you,

  9. Thanks ladies! Hi Lisa! Its from Homesense :)

  10. I love the curtains in your bathroom. i also have an all marble master bath, but you took it one step farther with the chandy and curtains, way to go!


  11. Very pretty. I love the fabric.

  12. okay... this bathroom rocks! love the drapes! where did you find that fab tub? (yes, i've pinned you!)

  13. Thanks so much ladies!
    The tub is from Costco.ca (you can find all our sources in the post titled: http://livingbeautifullydiy.blogspot.ca/2012/04/sourcing-sourcing.html
    hope that helps!
    Melissa :)

  14. Hey, thanks for the awesome post on curtains! Quick question about step 7. I'm very much a DIY newbie, and I recently got a sewing machine. When you say you sewed the edges, what kind of stitch did you use and what exactly did you sew - ie: did you flip 1cm edge over and sew that and make a hospital corner on the side? Did you take that into account for your measurements when cutting the fabric?(yup, like I said, total novice here...)


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