Live Chat with Sarah!

While eating breakfast this morning, I logged onto my facebook, only to see a very exciting update. Well maybe not exciting for ALL, but for those of you into home decor and Sarah Richardson designs, this will be exciting!!

This Saturday, Sarah will be hosting a live chat just before the HGTV USA launch of her cottage series (Sarah's Summer House) at 7:30 pm!

What an amazing opportunity to ask her anything you can think of. I have a list. As do a million other people.

So maybe I wont get to chat with her, BUT the good news is that Sarah's Summer House is starting to air this May! Yippee!! Again, not that I have a summer house or anything, but a girl can dream :)

Here are some sneak peaks:

gorgeous outdoor patio set

 I wish my "regular everyday house" bathroom looked like this!

Hope this inspires those of you who have a "summer house" (invitations welcome- I bake!!) and to those who dont have a summer home, to inspire our everyday homes!

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